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Customer experience is the new differentiator in automotive

Digitally enabled touchpoints, personalized interactions and offerings are key to success

Elevating customer satisfaction by transforming automotive CX

Delivering exceptional customer experiences is non-negotiable for the automotive industry. It's the driving force behind brand loyalty, revenue growth, and industry success. Today, automotive customer experience solutions are revolutionizing the way companies engage with their audience. Through a blend of cutting-edge technology and customer-centric strategies, businesses are ensuring that every touchpoint in the customer journey is seamless, personalized, and memorable.

Driving customer service via automation, analytics, omni channel

The holistic approach to excel in automotive customer service comprises of three pivotal components: customer service automation, customer analytics & insights, and omni channel customer journey. These elements work in harmony to streamline operations, harness data-driven insights, and ensure a consistent and convenient experience across all interaction channels. The data in core processes, as well as sales and aftersales must be fully integrated for seamless and efficient workflow. T-Systems is at the forefront of developing and implementing these end-to-end solutions across the entire automotive value chain.

Solution suite to deliver better automotive customer experience across the value chain

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Revolutionizing efficiency with customer service automation

Customer service automation revolutionizes the automotive industry by automating routine tasks, reducing response times, and optimizing resource allocation. Chatbots, virtual assistants, and AI-driven solutions ensure 24/7 availability, enhancing customer support. This efficiency translates into cost savings, improved customer satisfaction, and the ability to reallocate human resources to more complex, value-added tasks.

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Unlocking Insights: Customer analytics and insights

Transform your company’s raw data into actionable knowledge with customer analytics & insights solutions. We enable you to analyze customer behavior, their preferences, and feedback with our expertise in analytics. This data-driven approach empowers personalized interactions, targeted marketing, and product improvements, ultimately fostering stronger customer relationships and higher customer loyalty.

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Seamless engagement with omni channel customer journey

Implementing an omni channel customer journey in the automotive industry is crucial for addressing customer pain points like fragmented interactions or lack of comfort from non-integrated communication channels. Streamlining processes and comprehensive journey mapping enhance the customer experience. The benefits include increased brand loyalty, improved operational efficiency, and enable data-driven decision-making.

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Enhancing customer interactions across sales and service processes

Customers are increasingly demanding a personal approach and perfect assistance in support functions. This puts huge pressure to change sales, after-sales and service processes, systems, and data. To stay competitive and increase productivity, not only the front-end to the customer but also the backend systems core processes must adopt a more individual, customer-oriented, and efficient approach.

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Improved efficiency with digitalized dealerships

Our next generation dealership management systems (DMS) offer a variety of customer communication channels, holistic process support to help increase internal efficiencies for the dealership, as well as improve customer satisfaction thanks to better support for dealer personnel.

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Interesting facts about customer experience


Responded to an automotive consumer survey in France, UK, Germany, and Italy would be (very) interested in buying a new vehicle online.1


Automotive consumers named either website or mobile app as their preferred interaction mode for purchasing their next car.2


Customer inquiries can be resolved alone by customer service automation solutions.3


EU automotive and mobility consumers are interested in digital offerings for future automotive sales and service interactions.4

1, 2 A future beyond brick and mortar – disruptive change ahead in automotive retail, McKinsey (2020)
3 Customer Service Automation 2.0 , Marketing Resultant GmbH (2020)   
4 Car buying is on again, and mobility is picking up, McKinsey (2021)

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