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Managing and modernizing applications

Application management demands enhanced visibility, continuous modernization, and integrated security

Application modernization, migration, and management

In 2019, Gartner predicted, “By 2025, 90% of current applications will still be in use, and most will continue to receive insufficient modernization investment.” Despite its compelling problem-solving promise, many organizations hesitate to migrate their business-critical applications to the cloud. They realize they typically require application modernization, which demands precious resources.

Managing a complex application landscape

From on-premises legacy applications to cloud-native apps residing in a complex hybrid or multi-cloud infrastructure, effective application management calls for total visibility and control of the application landscape. Managing those applications from multiple perspectives, such as user experience, stability, security, performance, and cost control, is a daily task. Not only must they meet the day-to-day requirements of the business, but they must also be modernized, adapted, or replaced in response to changing business needs.


Work with the AMS leader

Transition and accelerate your application management with a robust framework that aligns with your goals and business needs. Modern tools gain insight into your application landscape, and best-in-class services ensure outstanding support.

Data-Powered business applications

At T-Systems, we understand the significance of data as the fuel that powers modern business applications. We explore how data drives transformation across key themes, including customer experience, employee experience, digital supply chain, manufacturing/production, and product/service design. Furthermore, we address the common challenges faced by organizations in their journey towards becoming data-driven and highlight the role of technologies like AI and machine learning. Dive into our selection of short case studies showcasing real-world applications. Learn more about how data fuels business applications from our perspective.

Artificial Intelligence: The Transformative Force

In the world of business applications, data serves as the fuel, but Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the brain that can take your enterprise to the next level. At T-Systems, we provide insights into how you can ethically transform your organization into an AI-enabled enterprise. Our approach includes a comprehensive framework for AI, featuring nine self-binding guidelines that you can easily access. We also introduce a range of AI solutions and present case studies that demonstrate the transformative power of AI. Discover our perspective on how AI is reshaping the business landscape and explore the resources we offer to help you leverage this technology.

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