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Optimizing planning and disposition with AI

Access the future of transportation planning and disposition with T-Systems’ AI

Planning and disposition in digital transport

In the digital era, data and AI transform transportation networks, boosting efficiency and elevating the passenger experience. Our planning optimizes resources, cuts costs, and improves services. Real-time adjustments adapt to changing demands, ensuring smoother operations and passenger satisfaction. At T-Systems, we empower the transportation providers to excel.

Optimizing transportation operations with AI

In the world of transportation, service planning, personnel coordination, vehicle logistics, and vehicle deployment are essential pillars of a functioning system. 

  • Service planning leverages AI’s data-driven insights to optimize routes, schedules, and service quality, resulting in improved operational efficiency and passenger satisfaction
  • Personnel coordination benefits from AI’s precision, fine-tuning workforce schedules while adhering to labor regulations. Vehicle logistics, powered by AI, facilitates informed decisions regarding fleet size, deployment, and maintenance, ultimately reducing expenses and enhancing reliability
  • In the realm of vehicle deployment, real-time data and AI algorithms guarantee precise vehicle positioning, minimizing wait times and overcrowding, thus significantly enhancing the passenger experience

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T-Systems’ digital traffic management – a case example

How can a city’s public transport be made more appealing and environmentally friendly in accordance with the climate protection requirements contained in the framework plan? T-Systems addressed this challenge with a visionary solution: a digital data platform built on open standards. This platform combined smart light rail vehicles with onboard data units and optimized traffic management, which included coordinating light rail vehicle crossings at traffic lights. This improved air quality and reduced environmental impact. T-Systems’ multimodal, intelligent, and sustainable digital traffic management was the catalyst for this transformative journey towards a greener, more accessible urban environment.

Streamlining fleet operations with telematics

Fleet management has evolved significantly with the implementation of telematics systems, offering a transformative approach to tracking, and managing vehicle fleets. These advanced systems enable the optimization of routes, resulting in reduced fuel consumption and enhanced operational efficiency. Moreover, operational dashboards provide real-time insights into vehicle health, fuel efficiency, and maintenance schedules, allowing for proactive maintenance and ensuring that fleets run smoothly and cost-effectively. Telematics systems have become indispensable tools in modern fleet management, delivering tangible benefits in terms of cost savings and operational effectiveness. At T-Systems, we help organizations harness the full potential of telematics, optimizing their fleet operations for a more efficient and sustainable future. 

Business planning and ridesharing

T-Systems is enabling the implementation of an efficient call bus service through accurate traffic demand estimation. By leveraging the door-to-door software, we conducted a comprehensive potential assessment for the ridesharing service, defining the most relevant service area. By analyzing source-destination data within specific traffic quadrants and considering different day types and hourly patterns, we provided the county with valuable insights. These insights, integrated into the door-to-door software, have allowed for the quantitative determination of the call bus service’s business area, ensuring a well-informed and optimized mobility solution for rural residents.

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