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For more than two decades we have digitalized corporations and societies. We are proud to have been a pioneer in digitalizing the world-leading German automotive and manufacturing industries with focus on Industry 4.0, enabling well-known brands like Mercedes Benz, Audi, and Volkswagen to deliver innovative solutions and products to customers around the world. Our origin shines through in our uncompromised approach to support our customers, a thoroughness which is mirrored in our vision to be the most reliable IT solutions provider with the best technology and industry expertise.

Today, T-Systems supports more than 900 clients, including most of the DAX 40 companies in Germany and 100 of the Fortune 500 companies globally. 

As a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, T-Systems provides all important building blocks to lead and deliver innovative information technology and digitalization for your organization, including consultancy services, customer experience enhancement and digital services to support your cloud & infrastructure transformation and application modernization – all done with the highest standard of security. T makes it work.    

Your digital partner in Northern Europe

Your digital partner in Northern Europe

With a strong presence in the Nordic countries, the United Kingdom and Ireland, we enable companies to successfully digitalize their business.
Combining the strength of T-Systems’ global portfolio with leading Cloud, SAP and Security capabilities together with state-of-the-art advisory and digital services from Detecon and Telekom MMS, subsidiaries of Deutsche Telekom, we are a trusted partner to deliver holistic solutions that accelerates the digital journey for companies across Northern Europe. 

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Exploring the digital future

We leverage technology to create real outcomes for our clients. Discover how innovative technologies enable new business models and improve the lives of countless people: from autonomous driving to neuronally controlled exoskeletons.   

Delivering tangible business value


Digitalization has been on top of the agenda for corporations in the past years. Companies can’t thrive without a modern and future-ready IT landscape. The business is becoming digital. 

At T-Systems we understand the challenges companies are facing. The need for agility, adapting to stakeholder demands, sustainability, resilience, cyber security threats, and ability to deliver innovative products and services to end-users. To us, it is not about the technology, but how we can help our customers to leverage technology to create real business outcomes.  

Therefore, we have clustered our services into four key areas to help our clients thrive in a digital world.

Advisory: Rethinking value creation

The technology and industry experts at T-Systems and our consulting subsidiary Detecon advise companies on their digital transformation journeys – from concept to implementation. With the integrated consulting provision from our Detecon consultants, T-Systems offers industry specific management consultancy with distinctive technology expertise. 

Digital & SAP Services: Accelerating business growth

The journey into a digital future is continuous and ever evolving.

To stay competitive, enterprises must accelerate their digital footprint by leveraging new business models and deliver unique customer experiences using precise data analytics.

Together with the capabilities of our sister company T-Systems Multimedia Solutions, we can support you towards a seamless digital transformation of your SAP landscape, levering advanced analytics, implementation of Industry 4.0, enhancing your customer experience, optimizing your supply chain, or using the power of Artificial Intelligence.

Cloud: Enabling business agility

Cloud has become the preferred IT infrastructure of the future. Although the cloud brings demonstrable benefits to IT operations, migrating to and operating hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures with private and public cloud components is complex. Especially when they also must work seamlessly with on-premises solutions. T-Systems supports customers on this path. With more than 20 years of experience in infrastructure management and transformation, our 3,000 cloud architects and experts deploy hybrid cloud solutions to enable business agility. 

Security: Protecting your assets

Cyberattacks present ever greater challenges to companies with growing digitalization. Daily, hackers try to steal business-critical data or digital identities and manipulate connected production facilities. The rising, all-encompassing connectivity and the cloud transformation require up-to-date security measures. 

Based on our German roots we have developed a robust security setup with operation centers across the world that has made T-Systems a trusted partner to protect your organization’s most valuable assets. 

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