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Airport Management Solutions

In its role as master system integrator, T-Systems implements and is responsible for the digital transformation of modern airports

Our airport solutions are in use worldwide

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From Miami in the USA, to Amsterdam, Dublin, Frankfurt, and the enormous Beijing Daxing Airport in China: Around 50 major international airports worldwide place their trust in airport solutions from T-Systems. 

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Master systems integrator: IT from a single source

The wide range of technology found in a modern airport combined with the large number of stakeholders poses a major challenge. Emerging aspects such as biometrics and cloudification must be considered at modern airports and integrated across the large number of disparate IT systems from different vendors. T-Systems, acting as a master systems integrator, brings the necessary expertise to the table with its airport consultants and the Telekom Partner Network, enabling the company’s own systems and those of third parties to form a modern, integrated end-to-end solution.

More efficiency and sustainability in the operation of an airport

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Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) facilitates better coordination between the airport, air traffic control, ground handling services and airlines, significantly reduces emissions and fuel consumption, and minimizes environmental impacts. Passengers benefit from fewer delays. An average of around 92 kg of CO2 is saved per departure.


The digitalization strategies and technologies from T-Systems mean that we are ideally equipped to guarantee the operation, security, and maintenance of the airport infrastructure at a high level at all times.

Beijing Daxing Airport

T-Systems airport management system for Airport 4.0

The modular Airport Suite delivers complete visibility of the highly complex airport ecosystem. It maps all flight-related activities based on real-time data, enabling better decisions as well as more efficient collaboration between parties involved in flight operations. This improves the optimization of flight handling processes and provides reliable information for passengers and staff.

Frankfurt Airport with mobile communications on one platform

Like many other organizations, Frankfurt Airport is not immune from the need to switch the mobile communications generations, ranging from 2G to 5G, to a common hardware platform (single RAN). Getting our mobile sites at Germany's largest airport ready for 5G is a mammoth task.

Top industry partners for our Airport Suite

Partners ans associations of the airport suite

The Airport Suite from T-Systems integrates special solutions from several partners. Frequentis supplies communication and information systems for control centers with safety-critical tasks. Materna IPS develops solutions for all passenger stations from check-in to baggage claim and boarding. PSI software is used for passenger and baggage handling. Sittig is a market leader for automatic airport announcement systems.

Solutions for Airport 4.0

Are you looking for modern Airport IT? Or are you looking to update an existing airport with intelligent IT? Our airport experts are happy to show you which IT solutions will help you master your challenges. 

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