IT-specialist working at monitor full of data - quantum computing

Quantum computing: The future starts now

How quantum technology will create new digital business models in the future and how companies can benefit from it today

A quantum leap instead of a steeplechase

Quantum computing is defined by its potential to solve complex problems faster and more efficiently than traditional IT. As a game changer for numerous industries, quantum technologies will enable countless innovative solutions in the coming years. These opportunities can already be exploited today through bridging technologies. As the applications and their integration are still active fields of research, companies should start building their capabilities today to evaluate future potential of quantum mechanics for competitive advantages.

White paper: What drives digital innovation?

Our recent market analysis, in partnership with consulting firm PAC, examines the status quo, investment plans and attitudes of large organizations towards digital transformation.



Quantum as a Service

T-Systems enables access to the quantum infrastructure through flexible cloud usage models – secure and scalable.


The quantum professionals know what to do!

Unlocking the vast potential of quantum computers requires adeptly crafting efficient applications utilizing quantum information through qubits and quantum algorithms. That’s precisely where we step in. Contact our experts to explore how quantum computing or interim bridging solutions can propel your business towards success!

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