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Extend and connect your datacenters with Azure

CloudConnect for Azure

With CloudConnect for Azure, Telekom and T-Systems offer Azure Cloud Connectivity with compelling SLAs to seamlessly connect customer networks with their Azure networks. CloudConnect for Azure is a member of the Managed Cloud Services for Azure family.

Resilient and private Azure Cloud Connectivity fulfills customers' cloud bandwidth demand

CloudConnect for Azure is available in various bandwidth and deployment options. Telekom offers the Layer-2 physical connection from customers network edge location to Telekoms’ Cloud Gateway platform. Same bandwidth and resilience of the connection is then provided via a shared medium connection back to Microsoft Azure Network backbone (Provider mode). Bandwidth demand greater than 10 GBit/s are built on Azure ExpressRoute Direct and connects the customers network edge location with the Microsoft Azure Network backbone via Telekom managed Azure Networking resources (Connect-through mode). Both deployment options provide a private routing and a Telekom SLA-backed resilient CloudConnect for Azure, built with Microsoft ExpressRoute.

Empowers customers by implementing hybrid application operation at scale  

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Companies benefit from the excellent network platform from Deutsche Telekom AG and Microsoft Azure to run their applications in the cloud and provide premium application performance to users. CloudConnect for Azure eliminates Site-2-Site VPNs over the Internet (avoiding bandwidth peaks) and provides the premium bandwidth to enterprise critical application demands. CloudConnect may help customers fulfill regulatory and/or security compliance to host application data on-premises too.

Collaboration with customers, co-designing, and co-operating applications and achieving common set goals in a partnership is our approach to help our customers to succeed in disruptive marketplaces and build composable organizations and applications.

Running composable applications in distributed clouds requires secure, scalable operations model and automated deployment in any cloud location. Managed Cloud Services for Azure provides easy to consume lifecycle management for distributed applications and their network requirements.

Professional Services for Azure Network and Security

Azure constantly develops new features in the realm of networking and security, which means that nowadays, it has become a rather complex topic requiring deep knowledge and experience. For different use cases, different components can be combined to build a complete solution. In addition to the Foundation and Advanced layer of our Managed Cloud Services for Azure, organizations can obtain consulting services in Networking and Security.

Solution benefits for customers

CloudConnect for Azure offers:

  • Secure, SLA-backed Azure Network connection via the Telekom Cloud Gateway Platform in Frankfurt/M and Microsoft Networking co-locations (Frankfurt2, soon Amsterdam2)
  • Various bandwidth options from 50 MBit/s up to 100 GBit/s
  • Best application performance for applications deployed on Azure, accessed by end-users through CloudConnect for Azure
  • Managed service for Azure Networking resources included (Connect-Through)
  • Managed service for any Azure resource optionally available
  • Optimal supplement for networking intense Azure Virtual Desktop
  • Mandatory supplement for Azure VMware Solution
  • Reliable and private network connectivity

How to make the most of cloud

This white paper helps you learn about the various factors that are crucial for a successful cloud transformation and illustrates how you can maximize cloud’s potential.

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