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Drop IT complexity, raise speed

How a clearly structured IT landscape accelerates the development of new products and services

What slows down IT environments

According to the Netskope Cloud Report of 2019, companies worldwide use almost 1,300 cloud services on average – in addition to numerous on-premises services. The sheer mass alone pushes the IT infrastructure to its limits. IT delivery models such as private, hybrid, or multi-cloud and the integration of solutions from numerous manufacturers make life even more difficult for CIOs. This makes it very hard for them to maintain an overview or to provide departments with the resources they need quickly.

The age of cloud nativity

Agility requires more than just a cloud-native approach. For example, it needs agile methods such as DevOps, but even that is not enough. Read more in our whitepaper.

Managing IT structures is complex

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The complexity of developed IT structures poses great challenges for those responsible. They have to:

  • manage the different service level agreements.
  • control the rollout and operation of software from the cloud across complex corporate structures.
  • always decide on the right solution and therefore know all relevant suppliers and products on the market.

On top of this there is a shortage of skilled workers, making it difficult to find employees with the right skills set or to retain them in the long term.

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Concentrate on what matters

The solution: with our managed cloud & infrastructure services we reduce the complexity of your IT. Regardless of whether you have heterogeneous IT landscapes, or highly flexible cloud scenarios – T-Systems supports you in modernizing and developing your IT environment. We show you which infrastructure platform is best suited for operating your IT systems and applications. How to manage on-premises and legacy systems effectively and economically, or how to use modern cloud resources wisely.

Our managed services include in depth consulting services as well as the operation of software systems such as ServiceNow or Salesforce. We take care of all important IT issues such as monitoring, high availability, security, cost reporting, and rights management. And you can concentrate fully on the services and innovations that differentiate you in the market.

Simplify IT operations

Find out what is slowing down your application and infrastructure operations with our self check – and which measures you can take to reduce complexity!

Too complicated and too slow? How to accelerate your processes

Our teams of experts have decades of experience, both in the area of traditional (on-premises) IT infrastructures and the associated application operation as well as with cloud service and delivery models. Thanks to our extensive partner ecosystem, we are familiar with all cloud services – such as AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Open Telekom Cloud, as well as Salesforce and ServiceNow.

We work with you to design, install, and operate the optimal IT landscape for your business model. Below you will how our numerous managed cloud & infrastructure services can help you establish lean structures and fast processes in IT:

IT – the driver of innovation and progress

Many IT decision-makers want to do more than just react. Examples how we will do this are:

  • Making sure that you can quickly provide your departments with new database, server or storage resources as needed.
  • Creating the right ecosystem for your company - with end-to-end services. Everything comes from a single source: from consulting to application, infrastructure operation to network and security. 

In short, we take care of your IT so that you and your company can really pick up speed.

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