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The international standard for homologation and registration of vehicles

The market leader supports you through model approval and the creation of your vehicle papers

  • TypeMaster is a product suite from T-Systems. It provides you with an enterprise content management system for vehicle homologation and registration purposes.
  • TypeMaster supports OEMs and OESs with their engineering, production, sales, and after-sales business. This is done by processing vehicle data and producing approval documents, which are exchanged with technical service companies and authorities, e.g. the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA).
  • TypeMaster manages the registration processes, both nationally and within the EU, as well as internationally, e.g. on the Chinese market, where the TypeMaster suite also provides support for homologation and registration.

No sale without approval

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Type approval and homologation are subject to strict standards in the globally leading automotive markets. These ensure that all new vehicles meet the statutory requirements, for example, with regard to passenger safety and emissions. For each product line and its components, manufacturers must submit comprehensive documentation before their innovations are approved for production and sale. Searching through data from the production and ERP systems used to be a tedious task.

Automated, electronic homologation as a solution

T-Systems TypeMaster lets you say goodbye to these error-prone and costly processes. TypeMaster manages all required data for the vehicle manufacturers, automatically generates the right vehicle-specific documentation and transfers the information to the responsible registration authorities using ECE regulations – in Germany this is the KBA.
All data and documents are centrally stored and can be adjusted to the right product at the touch of a button. This will guarantee the fast creation of high-quality official documentation. This data will be used by each of the licensing authorities. The licensing authority creates the entry in the vehicle register, which includes the identity of the owner – see approval certification part I.

I am more than satisfied with TypeMaster. This product has revolutionized my work in the area of homologation.

Rainhold Labza, Manager Regulation, Vehicle Safety & Environment Department Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center GmbH

The four modules of the TypeMaster solution

DOC – Documentation

The “Heart of TypeMaster” collects and stores all vehicle data that is needed for the homologation and model approval process. The data and documentation for all processes for the certification and type approval are stored in DOC.

DD – Document distribution

DD is an internet archive for all homologation-relevant information, which can be accessed by manufacturers, technical services and approval authorities.

PRINT – Print

PRINT generates and prints sales-relevant vehicle documents and data. These are the approval certification part II, the CoC paper and the IVI.XML.


ROUTES integrates DD, DOC and PRINT into your IT infrastructure in the form of an Enterprise Service Bus. ROUTES can be used as a generic data interface for import and export, for example, for registration within the EU.

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