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Acquire valuable data with Motionlogic

Gain insights into visitor and traffic flows and improve your services.


Be it a successful business strategy, future-proof urban development or efficient marketing activities, sound information is critical to your company’s success. Motionlogic by T-Systems is especially helpful when it comes to movement and traffic flows of potential target groups.

Motionlogic gives answers to the essential questions

  • Who are my visitors, where do they come from and how long are they staying?
  • Which locations have the highest volume of potential customers?
  • Where and when is local public traffic or a route particularly busy, and which target group is using it most?
  • Where is the best spot for my advertising display?
  • Which products should I advertise there and when?

On the basis of anonymized signaling data from the mobile network of Deutsche Telekom, Motionlogic analyzes movement and traffic flows in public spaces, e.g., in pedestrian zones, on the road or in local traffic. Combining Outdoor Analytics with sociodemographic data such as gender, age group and catchment area forms the basis for many different applications, from traffic planning to ticket sales. A web-based dashboard, direct data download or the automated data interface give you access to the information at any time. Gain entirely new insights and optimization potential for your business.

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Digital Analytics: the advantages of Motionlogic in the areas of...

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  • Detailed information for urban planning
  • Optimized road and traffic planning
  • Identification of growth regions
  • Touristic information
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  • Exact information about traffic volume and speed
  • Identification of congestion, traffic density, and higher traffic volumes
  • Optimization of route planning and commuter traffic
  • More precise calculation of the number of people carried by trains and buses and the utilized capacity of public transport
  • First/last mile analysis for passenger traffic
  • Value share analyses for transport associations and traffic management
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  • Precise information about customer numbers and origin
  • Measuring of conversion rates
  • Evaluation of marketing campaigns
  • Recording of customer churn
  • Competitive comparison
  • Location evaluation

Anonymization and privacy

Data protection is of the highest priority. Motionlogic works exclusively with previously anonymized signaling data. Personal data, such as customer name and mobile phone number, are strictly separated from the geodata and removed prior to analysis. Signaling data are regularly intersected and grouped.

It is therefore impossible to create a personal movement profile. The processes involved were developed by T-Systems in close collaboration with the German Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (BfDI) and have been examined and certified by external data protection  inspection agencies.

Target group-specific analysis

Even though the basic data are anonymized, they can be allocated to particular target groups by adding socio-demographic parameters such as gender, age group and catchment area. In combination with the geodata, this allows us, for example, to contrast the behavior of men and women in different age groups, or to improve the identification of travel routes between inner cities and the surrounding areas.

Motionlogic Outdoor Analytics offers valuable information to feed into day-to-day business, and shows optimization potential. The solution can be implemented quickly, is easy to use and brings users even closer to their customers. You can test Motionlogic at any time.

Use of Motionlogic for sales and outdoor advertising

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The diversity inherent in the advertising industry continuously offers new opportunities for reaching new and existing customers. Untargeted advertising such as flyers or giveaways is still one of the most popular forms of marketing. And yet – where are the customers coming from and, in this particular case, which roads “lead to Rome”?
Only companies who target their advertising effectively will reap the expected benefits. Motionlogic provides useful information for outdoor advertising, makes your marketing campaign more effective, and optimizes budget spending. Motionlogic measures visitor numbers, identifies traffic volume, and analyses where your customers have come from. Did they come from an adjoining quarter, or did they travel in from further afield? Which route do they use most frequently, what is the flow of traffic, and are there any advertising displays en route?

Improving the performance of advertising displays

Analyzing visitor flow and traffic – as well as direction and speed – can particularly optimize the performance of advertising displays and billboards along a particular route. Especially when it comes to digital displays, customers may be optimally reached by segmenting locations and time periods according to socio-demographics. The analysis of long-term data help to compare billboards in public spaces. Motionlogic supports your entire advertising campaign and optimizes your marketing budget.

Using Motionlogic to optimize vending machines

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The use and capacity utilization of vending machines at train stations and in public spaces are not just subject to seasonal variation. Local changes such as new competition, large events, or changes in surroundings may affect customer traffic and visitor flows. All of these will have an impact on the sales achieved from the vending machine.

Helping to find the causes

Where, for instance, particular products have been bought less frequently than usual for several weeks, Motionlogic data can help to find the reason. The combination of mobile network data, geodata, and socio-demographics can tell us whether the target group for the offered products is spending any time at the POS and which target group you may have failed to consider so far.

Customize your product range to match the relevant target group. This increases your chances of gaining sales. The more recent your data, the more efficient customization will be. At the same time, the data allow you to optimize maintenance times, so any outages can take place during quiet periods. Regular analysis of visitor flows and traffic intensity provides you with important insights about your business. A reliable basis of data allows you to adapt flexibly to impending events and public holidays. 

Making smart decisions based on solid data

A deeper understanding of visitor and traffic flows with Motionlogic allows you to make more effective decisions for your company. We want our solutions to work seamlessly in your company. For this reason, our digital services are always placed in the context of our other building blocks – connectivity, cloud & infrastructure, and security – no matter the characteristics of your current IT infrastructure.

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