With its rich portfolio of e-government solutions, T-Systems helps public-sector organizations achieve digital transformation.


State-of-the-art and secure communications in the public sector

  • Scalable and secure solutions for digitizing the public sector
  • More timely provision of information and services to citizens
  • Addresses latest legal requirements and mounting cost pressures
  • Integrated eID management as the basis for end-to-end e-government
  • E-Justice functionality for digitization of legal correspondence and documentation
  • Digital end-to-end support for grants management for greater transparency
Kornelia Bogen

UK Marketing Executive

E-government: digital workflows, citizen-centricity

New statutory requirements, such as Germany’s E-Government Act, rising expectations on the part of citizens and businesses, and the need for inter-agency collaboration are ramping up pressures in the public sector. These challenges can only be addressed with the help of digital transformation. To make this possible, T-Systems offers a rich portfolio of e-government solutions, and supports agencies throughout their digitization journey: with analysis and consulting, systems integration and ongoing operation and maintenance – backed by extensive experience, and robust security.

Greater efficiency, less cost pressure

T-Systems has a comprehensive e-government offering, geared to the specific processes and imperatives of the public sector. The portfolio includes E-Akte Public, E-Justice, eID management and grants management. These powerful tools help agencies to boost efficiency, and to deliver new and enhanced services for citizens and other stakeholders – despite rising cost pressures. At the same time, they guarantee the highest standards of security and data protection. In other words, T-Systems helps agencies, citizens and businesses to reap the full fruits of digitization and e-government – with solutions that can be customized to the specific needs of each organization.
E-Justice: an integration platform for end-to-end digitization of legal correspondence.
E-Justice from T-Systems offers courts and judicial authorities powerful ICT support for all core processes, including communications and electronic records management. Moreover, all key functions are seamlessly combined on a single platform for efficient, accelerated workflows.
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Grants management
Efficient grants management provisioned as a platform-as-a-service
T-Systems offers a high-performance solution for managing grants and funding in the form of a platform-as-a-service. Individual tasks (such as capturing incoming applications, verification and approval) are seamlessly combined, enabling complete transparency and efficient, end-to-end workflows.
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Zuverlässige Authentifizierung mit dem neuen Personalausweis für rechtssichere, digitale Transaktionen
The eID Management solution from T-Systems is key to introducing innovative citizen-friendly services and end-to-end digital transformation. It supports secure, reliable user authentication, and, for example, allows businesses and members of the public to submit paperless applications electronically over the Internet.
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E-Akte Public
E-Akte Public allows an efficient, user-friendly process and records management in conjunction with full legal compliance.
Harnessing the rich functionality of Microsoft SharePoint, E-Akte Public from T-Systems is the basis for simpler, faster, and better processes. This includes workflows, audit-proof archiving and seamless collaboration – all in line with all applicable legislation.
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Connected patrol car
The connected patrol car from T-Systems
A standardized, intuitive and secure communications platform allows police officers to perform their tasks on-the-spot – anytime, anywhere. A multifunctional PC gives them secure, reliable access to all information and applications.
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Made-to-measure solutions
Addressing specific challenges with tailor-made solutions
Standardization is essential to building processes that transcend the boundaries of individual government agencies. At the same time, a degree of customization is sometimes key to providing targeted ICT support for specialized tasks. Against this backdrop, T-Systems can develop made-to-measure solutions for a wide variety of scenarios.
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E-government – innovation through digitization

E-government is about citizen-friendly services, cross-agency collaboration, and efficient digital processes. Turning this vision into reality calls for an expert partner – with corresponding knowledge of the public sector and hands-on experience of transformation projects. T-Systems has both – and the technologies to put e-government into practice. As a pioneer of cloud computing and with a rich solution portfolio for the public sector, T-Systems has the ability to help government agencies enter an entirely new digital era.

Data protection and security par excellence

If agencies, citizens and businesses are to savor the fruits of e-government to the full, the underlying IT infrastructure must be built and run to the very highest standards of security, data privacy and availability. T-Systems‘ e-government offering delivers maximum protection, complete compliance with applicable legislation, and draws on a long and successful track record in this very specific field. In fact, T-systems has more than 20,000 customers in the public sector, and has implemented encrypted communications for over 50,000 users, leveraging highly advanced digital identity management and authentication solutions.

The basis for future-proof transformation

T-Systems helps drive innovation at government agencies of many kinds by harnessing its uniquely comprehensive ICT skillset, its in-depth experience of systems integration, and its profound understanding of the public sector. With around 47,800 employees, including some 2,600 field service engineers and more than 5,000 government security-screened professionals, T-Systems has the depth and breadth of human resources to deliver on its promises. Germany-based data centers, with redundant twin-core design and exceptional scalability, combined with interfaces to SAP and Microsoft, guarantee seamless communications within and across organizational boundaries. E-government solutions from T-Systems streamline administrative tasks from end to end, and assist government agencies throughout their digital transformation journey, with a combination of standardized and customized technologies. Digitization and cloud migration projects cannot be allowed to create a bottleneck. The best solutions, implemented in the right way, offer huge and manifold opportunities:  for greater efficiency, security, improved teamwork – and for pioneering, citizen-friendly services