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14-Nov-2018 When it can be explained how machines learn, transparency factors into the decisions made by artificial intelligence. Find out more
27-Jun-2018 Botnets consist of millions of devices and behave like invincible monsters. Combating them is easier said than done. Remove one and thousands more takes its place. Find out more
24-Apr-2018 Scientists expect the first powerful quantum computers to appear in the near future. The drawback is that the new mega computer could crack important encryption methods. Find out more
23-Apr-2018 Higher productivity, higher security risk. The damage that may be done when hackers target factories and the precautions that can be taken. Find out more
22-Apr-2018 A blockchain is a decentralized database which makes sharing information more secure and transparent. Numerous sectors can benefit from this technology. Find out more
07-Jun-2017 Security by design significantly reduces the attack surface: security expert Thomas Tschersich explains what companies have to keep in mind. Find out more
01-Jun-2017 Amazon, Twitter, the German Chancellor's office – DDoS attacks cause systems to collapse more and more frequently by using connected devices in the Internet of Things. Find out more
24-May-2017 To ensure car security, automotive manufacturers need IT security in their cars, mobile communications and back-end systems. Find out more
15-May-2017 What do you do when hackers strike or employees steal important business information? Keep calm and start looking for clues, advises IT forensics expert Volker Wassermann. Find out more