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Open Telekom Cloud

Simple. Secure. Affordable.

  • Computing, storage, network and security services from a public cloud
  • Available at short notice, scalable to your needs
  • Easily integrated into existing IT infrastructures
  • Hosted at cloud data centers in Germany
  • At least 99.95 percent availability

Better and more cost-efficient than comparable offerings

Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) is an attractive source of low-cost and flexible on-demand IT resources; and public-cloud solutions hosted by US-based providers have proved very popular. But there are misgivings about such offerings – particularly since the European Court of Justice ruled the Safe Harbor agreement invalid. Against this background, cloud services retain their appeal, but only in combination with robust data privacy and security. For this reason, many businesses continue to use private-cloud solutions, even for highly standardized infrastructure resources – and miss out on the many benefits of public clouds.

The benefits of a public cloud combined with the security of a private cloud

There is now an answer to this dilemma: the Open Telekom Cloud – a public-cloud IaaS offering from T-Systems and its hardware and solution partner Huawei. The Open Telekom Cloud combines the cost-efficiency of public-cloud services with strict German data-protection standards – and with total scalability. The public-cloud services it offers meet the data security and privacy requirements of corporate customers, with German legislation governing the data, the contracts, and the services themselves. Resources from the Open Telekom Cloud can be integrated into existing IT environments via standard interfaces. The offering includes computing, storage, network, security, and management services. Resources from the Open Telekom Cloud can be provisioned and scaled up and down within minutes, offering immense flexibility.
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Logo Coachimo
Coachimo uses cloud hosting for its web applications. But the company felt a European provider could better meet the data protection needs of its customers, so they decided for the Open Telekom Cloud.

The customer

  • Established by Jennifer Meister and Katja Manger from Berlin a few years ago
  • Online marketplace for coaching and individual training
  • With a click of a mouse, the web portal coachimo provides users a list of coaches in their area along with their skills, ratings and prices

The challenge

  • The business model is perfect for cloud-based operations
  • Coachimo initially used the US provider Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • But it could not meet Coachimo’s support and data protection requirements.
  • So the start-up searched for a new public cloud provider

The solution

  • Open Telekom Cloud based on OpenStack
  • Flexible IT resources 
  • Certified highly secure data centers in Germany
  • Strict German data protection
  • Good provider reputation of Telekom – also with the start-up’s customers 
  • Hourly invoicing

The benefits

  • Peace of mind regarding data security and data protection
  • High availability 
  • Scalable resources enable reliable planning for future needs
  • OpenStack offers maximal transparency thanks to its open source code
  • Resources can be automatically adapted to business developments (auto scaling)

Logo Segusoft
Segusoft offers data transmission with end-to-end encryption via browser or Office 365. Thanks to Deutsche Telekom, the solution meets the highest demands concerning data protection and security.

The customer

  • Segusoft is an ambitious startup company, based in Spardorf, Bavaria in the south of Germany
  • Established in 2016

The challenge

  • Previously, Segusoft had two providers: AWS for development and another cloud provider for operation
  • Customers attach most importance to data security and data protection
  • Thus, further operating the solution with AWS was not an option
  • The other cloud provider, who operated Segulink, offered no opportunity for automatic scaling

The solution

  • Open Telekom Cloud on an OpenStack basis
  • Flexible IT resources from certified, high-security Deutsche Telekom computer centres 
  • Spontaneous scaling at any time
  • Autoscaling function
  • Strict German data protection
  • Requirements-based billing

The benefits

  • No more worries about data security or data protection
  • Computing capacities are fully scalable at any time 
  • Development and operation in the same environment
  • Segulink is now combinable with Office 365 as well – also from the TelekomCLOUD
  • Partnership: Deutsche Telekom customers benefit from the new, secure and innovative solution
Logo Implisense
Implisense uses the Open Telekom Cloud as a flexible and economical IT infrastructure: It generates detailed company profiles using B2B sales intelligence.

The customer

  • The Berlin-based start-up for B2B sales intelligence is revolutionizing the topic of customer relationships
  • Customer information remains automatically up to date
  • Detailed company profiles with the required attributes are created on the basis of automated analyses. Suitable customer recommendations can be produced in a few seconds
  • Implisense fills CRM systems with ideal customers from its own database of more than six million company profiles

The challenge

  • Enormous data volumes, analyses and calculation of B2B target customers demand significant memory and processing capacity in real time
  • Tight budgets in the early days
  • External, easy-to-use, economical and reliable infrastructure
  • Highest requirements regarding data privacy and security
  • Ongoing personal consultancy by an experienced partner
  • Scalable infrastructure services to support the company's rapid growth

The solution

  • ​​​​​​​Open Telekom Cloud as Infrastructure as a Service for Implisense's SaaS offering 
  • Tailor-made sourcing of computing power, memory and network access based on the OpenStack architecture
  • Sufficient resources for the Elasticsearch cluster, the crawling engine and the intelligent text mining analyses
  • Secure access with integrated password function
  • User-friendly self-service portal 
  • Personal support from T-Systems

The benefits

  • Cost savings of around 20 percent with consistent performance levels, enhanced security, personal contact partner and many upcoming services
  • Pay-per-use pricing model reduces investment costs for IT infrastructure
  • Existing budgets are freed up for further development 
  • No vendor lock-in thanks to OpenStack 
  • High level of employee satisfaction, among other reasons due to simple and fast access
  • Data privacy and security according to German data privacy guidelines
Logo Koramis
KORAMIS benefits from the Open Telekom Cloud, when it comes to analyze weak points.

The customer

  • KORAMIS offers automation, process and network control technology solutions since 1999
  • The headquarter is in Saarbrücken
  • The company supports several industries like energy, chemistry, pharmaceuticals or even the producing industry, for building industrial IT security processes

The challenge

  • Reduction of security weak points in monitoring and controlling processes of industrial IT infrastructures and systems
  • Increased customer demands in terms of security, price and speed 
  • Limited IT capacity in their own laboratory
  • Looking for an alternative to public cloud offers from the US

The solution

  • Reconstruction or rather illustration of the test IT infrastructures of KORAMIS customers by using cloud resources as basis for security tests and audits 
  • Up to 250 processors and capacities for four terabyte data storage are in use every day as scalable resources from the Open Telekom Cloud

The benefits

  • Cost saving: about 18 percent lower price than current AWS
  • Speed increase: complex calculations within 14 days instead of 6 years
  • Security: resources of Open Telekom Cloud are subject to the German data protection regulations
  • Open Telekom Cloud platform offers positive sales arguments towards KORAMIS customers
Logo PeopleForecast
peopleForecast GmbH is changing cloud provider for better IT security: public cloud from high-security German computer centres for Big Data analyses in HR planning.

The Customer

With its management suite HR Forecast, the Munich-based start-up analyses the HR needs of tomorrow based on Big Data. Although it was only founded in 2013, the company is already successful worldwide and now employs 30 members of staff, from a 22-year-old maths whiz to a 75-year-old analysis pro.

The Challenge

  • Highly complex Big Data analyses often require extreme computing capacities spontaneously
  • Own (dedicated) IT resources would be too uneconomical
  • So the start-up used IT from the cloud of a US provider
  • Customers, however, expressed a wish for better data security and data protection

The Solution

  • Open Telekom Cloud on an OpenStack basis
  • Flexible IT resources from certified, high-security Deutsche Telekom computer centres 
  • Strict German data protection
  • Hour-based billing
  • High-performance flavour – ideal for Big Data analyses
  • Data analysis with the aid of virtual reality planned in future

The customer benefit

  • No more worries about data security or data protection
  • Even extreme computing capacities can be called up at any time, in real time
  • Automatically scalable if required
  • Solution partnership: Deutsche Telekom customers also benefit from the new, secure and innovative solution
Logo Jobino
The job platform Jobino meets with the Open Telekom Cloud high demands on data security and data protection.

The customer

Conventional career portals only offer vacancies for specialists and managers; part-time jobbers, however, have been left out before now. So Fabian Henze created an Internet portal for companies to advertise vacancies for part-time employees. Thanks to precise location detection and information about working hours and pay, part-time jobbers can find the perfect job close to them.

The challenge

  • Jobino initially banked on an American cloud provider
  • To protect personal data, a higher level of data security and data protection was necessary
  • Flexible IT resources were needed to realize future projects
  • Limited financial scope

The solution

  • Open Telekom Cloud on an OpenStack basis
  • Flexible IT resources
  • Certified high-security computer centres based in Germany
  • Strict German data protection
  • Good value for money thanks to hour-based billing
  • Direct contact at 

The customer benefit

  • No more worries about data security or data protection
  • High availability 
  • Scalable resources provide planning security for future projects as well, such as planned expansion in the German-speaking region.
  • Resources automatically adjust to business development as required (autoscaling)
  • Virtual workspaces


Infographic: Open Telekom Cloud service catalog

Open Telekom Cloud

Infrastructures and software from a public cloud with cast-iron security – an end-to-end offering delivered via Deutsche Telekom’s high-performance network.

Open Telekom Cloud: Public Cloud made in Germany

According to a March 2015 survey by Bitkom, Germany’s leading IT industry association, security concerns have hindered wider adoption of cloud computing by German businesses. 60 percent of respondents said they feared sensitive data could fall into the wrong hands. Almost one in two said they were worried that important information could be stolen. Against this background, close to 75 percent of German enterprises insist that their cloud service providers have data centers or company headquarters within the EU. Since the overturn of the Safe Harbor agreement, this trend has been gaining momentum.

Cloud services governed by German legislation

IDC’s 2014 survey, Hybrid Cloud in Germany, revealed that many businesses are concerned they will not be able to meet statutory data-protection requirements. As a result, senior IT executives have a strong preference for providers who operate data centers in Germany (50 percent), conclude contracts in accordance with German legislation (48 percent), and encrypt data prior to transmission (44 percent).

Secure and flexible

The Open Telekom Cloud addresses the data privacy and security requirements of businesses. T-Systems hosts the public cloud in a cutting-edge cloud data center near Magdeburg that commenced operations in 2014. Where required, data can be replicated to a twin site in Magdeburg, offering maximum levels of security for sensitive data. The buildings are protected by the latest security systems, and physical access is strictly controlled. Together, the two data centers can currently support about 30,000 servers on 5,400 square meters of space. The sites can be potentially expanded to nearly 40,000 square meters. 

Pay-as-you-go services charged by the minute

Two pricing models are available with the Open Telekom Cloud: With Open Elastic, customers only pay for the resources they actually use. Resource consumption is measured and charged by the minute. The Reserved model allows customers to order resources for a period of 12, 24 or 36 months. They can decide whether to pay on a monthly basis or upfront. Customers who pay in advance enjoy significant discounts.

Complete package available

Moreover, T-Systems offers a complete package of cloud services encompassing the Open Telekom Cloud, the existing private-cloud portfolio, wide (WAN) and local area networks (LAN). Moreover, T-Systems offers a complete package of cloud services encompassing the Open Telekom Cloud, the existing private-cloud portfolio, wide (WAN) and local area networks (LAN). Services based on our extensive experience transforming customers’ legacy environments, such as Cloudifier, Cloud Integration Center and AppAgile, are complementing the package.

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