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Dynamic Services for SAP HANA

Split-second big data analysis and transaction processing

Kornelia Bogen

UK Marketing Executive

Even as many people responsible for IT are still busy trying to figure out how to keep their cloud environments secure and available, big data is becoming a pressing topic on the IT agenda. Continuously growing amounts of data demand a lot from IT infrastructures and push systems to their limits. That's a matter for Dynamic Services for SAP HANA.
With Dynamic Services for SAP HANA®,T-Systems provides an essential tool to help companies develop an effective big data strategy and put it into practice. The solution was developed in collaboration with SAP and offers corporations more than just new computing and storage options. The portfolio also includes SAP HANA, which is an in-memory database, the nearline storage approach in which only data that is highly important and frequently used is stored in the main memory with the rest being stored by more affordable storage media, and Sybase ASE (adaptive server enterprise) and Sybase IQ.

Dynamic Services Appliance Edition for SAP HANA®
Operate high-performance In Memory Solutions at optimized cost with T-Systems Dynamic Services Developer Edition for SAP HANA®
T-Systems offers two solutions for dynamic SAP HANA, along with fast and easy use of in-memory computing.
Dynamic Services for SAP HANA makes this technology available as standardized, industrialized and integrated solution elements. These elements are also optimally aligned to the cloud services provided by T-Systems, offering companies easier access to the world of SAP HANA technologies. Customers can use Dynamic Services for SAP HANA development environments from the cloud in order to gain initial experience using SAP HANA. At the same time, they benefit from the advantages of the cloud solution itself since they can use these infrastructures without having to operate it themselves. And services are based on actual use.
Your passport to the world of in-memory technology
  • Effectively manage increasing data volumes
  • Maintain a firm grasp on complexity and interfaces
  • Optimize business processes and respond effectively to data
  • Evaluate and test SAP HANA with the Developer Edition without major investments
  • T-Systems Dynamic Services for SAP HANA with pay-per-use price models
  • Optimized operating costs through nearline storage data outsourcing
  • Simple link with ERP systems, SAP/non-SAP applications
  • Secure private-cloud solution with VPN / MPLS link
  • The Dynamic-Services platform is available worldwide, for SAP HANA as well
  • Secure high availability of critical IT environments
  • Highest quality when working with SAP applications thanks to pre-defined service classes
  • Data security and data protection made in Germany
  • Quickly available SAP HANA development environment (Linux operating system)
  • Reasonable pay-per-use pricing model
  • Easy integration within regular Dynamic Services operations
  • Workflow tool for automated provisioning and installation of in-memory-based applications
  • Regular updates of implemented rapid deployment solution packets
  • Upgrade application & in-memory releases
  • Flexible scale-out services for in-memory management of new business analytics applications
  • Services in conformity with ITIL (IT infrastructure library)
  • Run SAP method approach

Dynamic Services for SAP HANA from the highly secure cloud

The turbo database solution, T-Systems Dynamic Services for SAP HANA, is hosted in T-Systems’ highly secure private cloud, which companies access exclusively via VPN/MPLS (virtual private networks/multiprotocol label switching). The systems are subject to the strict German data privacy laws and comply with all applicable compliance policies.
Summary: In a current study, the analysts at PAC found that strategic considerations, cost aspects and interest in innovation are all decisive reasons for getting started with SAP HANA. Today, efficient IT solutions at companies of any size are a fundamental requirement for doing business dynamically and keeping up with the competition. Refined SAP solutions from the cloud like the T-Systems Dynamic Services for SAP HANA keep your infrastructure up-to-date and are scalable as well.
Teaser video: Do you know your road to SAP HANA?
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