Your road to SAP HANA

Your guide through the jungle

Big Data and Cloud have to be integrated in a professional business strategy.

SAP HANA gives organizations many business and technical benefits. 

For many organizations the way to HANA feels like a walk through the jungle.
Based on more than 12 years of SAP experience, we can be your guide.

Your road to SAP HANA

Recent research by the SAP User Group has shown that some 58% of organisations who use SAP have yet to decide what their business case and migration path to HANA will look like.
The above said, the path to SAP HANA has multiple routes and can present some real challenges along the way. For many companies it feels like a walk through the jungle. Do you recognize this?
Let T-Systems be your guide through the jungle – with over 12 years’ experience delivering cloud based SAP solutions, we are Europe’s leading SAP solutions provider. 

Attend our “Your road to SAP HANA” webinar

Our experts will walk you through the various options and help you understand what’s right for your organisation based on where you are on your SAP journey. By attending the webinar you will learn:
  • How to build a successful business case
  • Your deployment and implementation options
  • How best to proceed based on your current landscape
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