Managed LAN services mean retailers are better equipped for change and growth.

Managed LAN reduces retailers’ workload

More time for customers

  • Built-in flexibility
  • With Managed LAN services, retailers are better equipped for change and growth
  • Reduced workload thanks to an expert, experienced provider
  • More time for core business tasks
  • Consistently high quality and high availability
Kornelia Bogen

UK Marketing Executive

Managed LAN services – a one-stop solution for retailers

Local Area Networks (LAN) are the fundamental basis for communications in practically all businesses – and retail is no exception. It supports and connects all elements within the ICT infrastructure of physical stores – PCs, phones, cash registers, even advertising displays. By the same token, changes to any one of these components have a knock-on effect on the underlying network. And with IT evolving rapidly, the introduction of Internet access for all customers, electronic shelf labels (ESL) and new applications, retail LAN environments are being stretched to breaking point. Complex legacy networks operated in-house are especially vulnerable – and often struggle to deliver the performance, security, operational stability and innovation required.

An expert end-to-end answer to retail needs

Managed LAN services address and resolve these issues. They provide retailers and distributors with a future-proof local communications network – with guaranteed reliability and performance. For any number of stores, for any number of connected devices, T-Systems as system integrator takes responsibility for all tasks associated with network design, provisioning and management. This leaves retailers with more time and resources for their core business: selling products to consumers.

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Technical specifications

  • Central LAN management, including incident resolution
  • Implementation of LAN infrastructure, with hardware, software and licenses
  • End-to-end solution, comprising design, hardware procurement, hardware provisioning – including configuration, service and management of the entire LAN infrastructure at all stores
  • Time-to-resolution clearly specified in binding service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Guaranteed quality of service (QoS) for LAN operations
  • Management based on certified standards such as ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library)
  • Maintenance of LAN components, including on-site deployment by specially trained technicians and engineers

Managed LAN: reduced workload, greater flexibility and availability

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A LAN is an essential aspect of the business infrastructure, and vital to connecting the various ICT components within a digitized bricks-and-mortar store. For mission-critical applications and processes to work reliably, a LAN must combine high performance with stability. It is a prerequisite for smooth business operations at today’s retail enterprises.

A managed LAN saves time and money

Seamless connectivity within a store, and between stores and distribution centers, offers huge advantages. It supports the secure, reliable and simple exchange of data on goods and inventories, and enables efficient coordination and collaboration, for example for sales promotions – around the clock, and across the entire organization. Establishing a single point of information and centrally managing data can accelerate processes, save time, and pare back staff costs.
Leveraging their managed LAN infrastructure, all physical stores enjoy access to essential facts and figures – including delivery times for incoming goods, prices and discounts, special offers, and sales figures. The local area network helps them keep up to date and up to speed. Moreover, headquarters can provide all outlets and other sites with a single version of the truth, instantly and simultaneously. In particular, the retailer can exchange product master data, monitor inventories, and manage changes to the product assortment.

The uninterrupted availability of a LAN is business-critical

If a LAN goes down, it impacts processes throughout the entire organization. Establishing the root cause of an incident within a complex network environment, encompassing an entire business, from headquarters to each and every store, is typically a huge challenge and often extremely time-critical. It takes proven IT service experts to navigate the various switches, servers, appliances and network-attached storage systems, and to understand the intricacies of their configuration.  It takes deep skills to identify the underlying problem, and reliably resolve it within a defined time period.
In many cases, it makes more business sense for retail organizations to outsource LAN implementation and operation to a service provider – than to employ their own specialists, train them, and dedicate their time and energy to this task. Managed LAN services reduce the workload on IT departments at wholesalers or retailers, allowing them to focus on their strategic objectives; LAN specialists provide an around-the-clock service, and help lower infrastructure and operations costs.

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