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White paper: Sustainable logistics

Challenges and green solutions

Why does sustainability play such an important role in logistics?

The logistics industry causes a huge amount of greenhouse gas emissions. What’s more, the high consumption of fossil fuels and heavy dependence on petroleum products make this industry very vulnerable to commodity price fluctuations. Because of this, companies should implement more sustainable business practices in the value chain. Find out how sustainability can be improved using digital tools and technologies.

These questions are answered in the whitepaper:

  • Which alternative means of transport are gaining relevance in the logistics industry.
  • How dynamic route planning optimizes delivery networks over the last mile.
  • How you can achieve significant energy savings with IoT-based smart building technologies.
  • What contribution digital technologies such as blockchain can make towards reducing paper consumption.
  • How you can replace the documents sent with goods with smart labels, and thus read out freight information remotely at any time.
  • What benefits shared transport and storage areas bring to environmentally friendly delivery.


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