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Protect data with Database Protect Pro

Machine learning enables companies to detect anomalies early on

Database check in real time

Protecting sensitive data remains largely a company's responsibility even if it is moved into the cloud – this is required by law. Database Protect Pro monitors and analyzes database activity in order to detect data misuse and data theft. The reliable system displays unusual and critical database accesses in real time, which can be an indication of external attacks and data misuse.

Locate sensitive data and vulnerabilities

Database Protect Pro (powered by Data Security from Imperva) is able to reduce the risk of data breaches by locating sensitive or even personal data and identifying database vulnerabilities. It captures and analyzes all database activity from both the application and privileged user accounts. Security policies can be implemented quickly and adapted flexibly. Most importantly, real-time alerts or suspensions are also possible in the event of violations of these policies. Database Protect Pro supports a consistent security and compliance policy in heterogeneous data environments. It standardizes protocol events across different platforms. Database Protect Pro uses machine learning and pattern recognition to detect dangerous data access activities from internally and externally. Using this as a basis, only genuinely risky incidents are displayed, which reduces the number of alarms to a handful of manageable reports.

Whitepaper: IT Security in the cloud age

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Database Protect Pro at a glance

  • Analysis of all database activities, applications, and user accounts
  • Identification of database vulnerabilities 
  • Security policies can be implemented quickly and flexibly
  • Real-time alerts and suspensions for policy violations
  • Cross-platform standardized protocol results

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