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White paper: Toward the era of sustainable digital transformation

Discover how digital technologies operationalize ESG goals, add business value, and guide sustainability, steering companies to their North Star.

Sustainability: Opportunity or threat?

Sustainability is deeply integrated into our organizational fabric, influencing everything from procurement to customer service and shaping our culture and strategy. While a positive force, it also disrupts operations, challenging traditional models, especially in B2B transactions, where it’s now a business imperative. CEOs see sustainability as the top risk in 2024, raising questions about its perception as a threat rather than an opportunity for innovation. Thus, T-Systems commissioned an IDC study on sustainability, surveying Nordic 400 companies, and revealing goals, challenges, and key initiatives. 

Download the report for full insights including:

  • The reasons behind the perception of sustainability as a risk and compliance issue, challenging conventional viewpoints and revealing a short-sighted perspective.
  • The important role of digital technologies in turning sustainability into a strategic and competitive advantage.
  • The transformative impact of upcoming regulations like shaping a business landscape where sustainability becomes not just a necessity but a mandatory requirement for companies’ survival.


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