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Data center Biere: Germany’s digital heart

In Bördeland near Magdeburg, T-Systems operates one of Europe’s largest cloud data centers

Fort Knox for the cloud

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Around 20 kilometers south of Magdeburg, T-Systems has built a Fort Knox for the cloud: the data center Biere. The facility serves as a highly secure hub for Deutsche Telekom’s global cloud infrastructure.  Here we guarantee our customers the greatest possible level of security for their data in accordance with Germany’s strict data protection laws. Companies of all sizes benefit from our IT services: large multinational customers, for example, use our private cloud solutions. For small and medium-sized companies, we operate public cloud services such as the Open Telekom Cloud. Whatever the service, we always maintain the highest standards with regard to the availability, quality, and protection of data. 

We have the possibility to expand our IT production area to 40,000 square meters – which would make it one of the largest cloud data centers in Europe.

All data are safe with us

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We at T-Systems are working to ensure that our customer data is kept absolutely secure at all times. The Biere facility therefore maintains correspondingly high security standards. The building is protected by modern security systems with motion detectors and strict access controls that employ personnel locks, chip card readers, and palm scanners. State-of-the-art encryption techniques ensure that only authorized persons can view sensitive data according to the “need-to-know” principle. If extreme circumstances do arise, powerful emergency power generators are on hand to take over the supply of power for the entire system. The data center is also designed as a TwinCore data center: at the customer’s request, all data is stored in parallel at the T-Systems data center in Magdeburg, 18 kilometers away. If one of the twin systems fails, the other one takes over. Our TÜV-certified Zero Outage quality program is also implemented in Biere. In order to ensure maximum reliability, we employ this zero-defect strategy across the entire IT infrastructure.

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Behind the scenes at the data center

“Netzgeschichten” gives viewers a glimpse of what 11,000 square meters of pure dedicated IT space looks like in real life. The team paid a visit to the data center in Biere (German only).

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