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How to apply

Successful Applications

Application tips and tricks.

As the idea suggests, your application is an advert, so advertise yourself! But before you begin, we have some tips for you here. How to present your application so that we are completely convinced. How best to prepare for a job interview and how our online application system works.
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Application process

Applying for a job? It's quite a simple and uncomplicated process if you know how to do it right. We only accept electronic applications submitted via our online job search. To help you keep on top of your planning, the time window between applying and receiving a job offer is usually around six to eight weeks. Depending on how busy things are, it can take longer - but it can also be quicker.

Application tips and tricks


Your application should include what is essential: a covering letter, a résumé.

Short and sharp: the covering letter

All applications should include a covering letter. We want to hear why you are interested in the position, and why you are the best candidate for the job. Covering letters should be kept brief, no longer than one A4 page. Tell us what practical experience you have, and why you are suitable for the position.

Focus on what's important: the CV

Your CV should be short, structured, to the point. Focus on the elements which relate to the job you want and be sure to explain the responsibilities you had in your last job. Your CV should include: Personal details, education. Your work experience in reverse chronological order, i.e., always put your current job first. If you have much more to tell us, link us to your LinkedIn profile.
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References and certificates

Check carefully which references and certificates are relevant to the position. Do you stand out because you have additional qualifications which make you particularly suitable for the job? If you do, please say what they are. We are also very interested in: any internships, periods spent in other countries (state the exact period) and language or IT courses. Being highly motivated, keen to learn and flexible are more important to us than your references and certificates.

Our interview tips

Are you already pretty nervous? No problem. Even recruiters are familiar with nerve-wracking situations. They are also aware, from your documentation, that you are a talented person. So don't panic! We are concerned about the overall impression you make. We want to know whether you would fit into our team. So, please: Don't act. Be genuine. Because we want to get to know your real personality.
Chill out! This is easier said than done, of course. Preparing well will not prevent nerves entirely, but it will lessen them. So our most important tip is: Be well-prepared. For example, you should be able to tell us about projects you have worked on. And what should you wear? Ideally, an outfit that suits the position. One which is not too casual, but does not make you feel as though you are disguised. You won't go wrong with a shirt, blouse, suit, or jacket and skirt.
The path to your dream job
Our graphic shows you, quickly and directly, how you can find your dream job with us.

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Do you think that you don't have much to talk about because you are new to the world of work? We see it differently. Tell us how you got through your studies. What content and projects were particularly important to you. Have you played a role in a student organization or done some volunteering? These are good topics, because they show that you happily accept responsibility.
The main purpose of the interview is for us to both learn about one another. We want to find out whether you suit us and whether our company meets your expectations. Do you like to think differently, outside the box, not always going with the flow, and open to new and unusual ideas? If so, you need to make that clear in your interview.
Very important to us is: Your interest in our company. Show that you have found out something about T-Systems. Browse our website in preparation. We will look forward to your questions.

The interview is over – what next?

Please be patient. You will usually hear from us within two weeks. If we want to offer you a job, of course, we shall give you a bit more time to think. Are you keen to work for us? If so, we will have another meeting to discuss the details of your work contract. Everything should be done and dusted within five weeks at the latest. If we are in agreement, we shall welcome you aboard.
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