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A good life is based on a lot more than a career

It is not always easy to maintain a balance between your private life and your work. We want time with our family, but time for our job too. We offer family-friendly policies that give our staff flexibility.
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Work Life Balance @ T-Systems

Balancing your professional and private life
Finding the right work-life balance is not always easy. We support our staff with modern work models which give you the scope you need to plan your own life and, at the same time, ensure that you are free to commit yourself fully to the company's success.
Our offer for you
We give our staff the chance to organize their working hours flexibly, to suit their needs. Our working world is becoming more flexible and mobile. Communications technologies enable people to easily reply to e-mails while on the move, and to dial into virtual meetings while on business trips. Thanks to mobile working, our employees can sometimes do their work from home.
Our approach to flexible working  
We’ll help you balance your needs for a healthy work/life balance. We encourage our employees to take up all kinds of flexible working options:
  • Full & part-time hours
  • Career breaks
  • Paid maternity, paternity & adoption leave
  • Paid time for fostering and fertility treatment
Work & Life @T-Systems
We support our staff with modern working models that give you the flexibility to plan your life.

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