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Shut down legacy systems, retain access to data

Reduce operating costs for expensive post-productive systems by up to 80 percent and store legacy data in the cloud

Managing legacy systems cost-effectively

Companies are choosing not to switch off post-productive systems because they have to be able to access legacy data at all times for legal reasons. But how can the cost of managing legacy systems be reduced? Those who opt for a standardized process like the Managed Application Retirement Services (M.A.R.S.) will save time and money through data migration. We historicize your legacy data on our M.A.R.S. platform

Transfer and historicize data

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With the Managed Application Retirement Services – M.A.R.S. – you can historicize data from post-productive SAP and non-SAP landscapes on a central cloud platform. First, a data analysis tool shows how much and which data is used in which areas of the company. It analyzes the data streams and data usage in your company. This enables you to identify which data streams and silos need to be removed or migrated. Your data are stored in an unchangeable, legally secure and EU-GDPR-compliant manner. The migration also meets the requirements of the DACH region, such as data storage regulations (GoBD) in Germany, the Code of Obligations in Switzerland, or the Federal Tax Code in Austria. You can access the data pool at any time from any location via a browser.

Historicization you can trust – T-Systems Managed Application Retirement Services (M.A.R.S.)

In this video, you can discover how we migrate data from any legacy application to our secure, read-only platform and thus offer global access to important company data storage around the clock.

Historicization reduces costs

Often, companies operate post-productive systems only in order to have access to the data at all times. After all, migration to new systems or storage in databases is thought to be complex and costly. It’s precisely here that T-Systems comes in: Businesses are discovering how they can get rid of their expensive legacy systems and arrange audit-proof migration of the data to the cloud. They can then switch off post-productive systems that they are only operating for legal reasons. This reduces operational costs along with the need for any more system and security updates. Shutting down legacy systems can save up to 80 percent of costs.

High proportion of surplus data

Those who separate themselves from their own developments and switch off unused legacy applications make up to 85 percent of the data superfluous. After all, legacy systems are often a historically grown structure in which you store a lot of data in an unstructured way, redundantly, and in silos. The consequential costs for operations, related personnel, and security and compliance risks can therefore take on enormous proportions.

Advantages of data historicization with M.A.R.S.

  • Reduction in complexity through centralization and the deactivation of legacy systems
  • Up to 80-percent reduction in operating costs
  • Faster return on investment (ROI) and no investment costs
  • Operation in the highly secure private or public cloud
  • Scalable platform operation
  • Low monthly usage fee
  • Needs-based data availability 24/7 or temporary
  • Encrypted and secure data transfer via VPN

Tidying up expensive data basements

The white paper shows how legacy systems can be switched off without losing access to their data.

Digital ecosystem

To prepare for the future, companies need four building blocks: connectivity, cloud and IT infrastructure, security, and digitalization. With the data migration and historization service, you can analyze your legacy data, thin it out, and shut down legacy systems with peace of mind.

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