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Secure Cloud Communication Services

Access company applications and data in the cloud securely from anywhere, using any end device.

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Direct cloud access with SCCS

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In addition to a market-leading zero trust model, Secure Cloud Communication Services based on Enterprise Services from Akamai offer many additional network security functions such as secure web gateways (SWG), Firewall as a Service (FaaS), threat protection services, or end-to-end encryption. On this basis, SCCS offer end-to-end security for cloud use: All data traffic is monitored, phishing and malware attacks are identified, and sensitive data are protected. SCCS – based on the zero trust model – give you greater flexibility when using cloud services without compromising on security or performance. SCCS are the right choice for many use cases, such as the replacement of existing VPNs or the quick implementation of M&A projects, for example.

100 percent availability, higher performance

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Secure Cloud Communication Services (SCCS) replace or complement layer-2-network connections, such as virtual private networks. However, when compared to such connections they offer higher performance. Based on the zero trust model, every single remote user access to company software is verified before the connection is established, meaning only authorized users can verify themselves and use defined applications and assets. Permanently open firewall ports become superfluous; the network is protected from threats. SCCS can be used uniformly across the globe and have high availability thanks to the high-redundancy edge server network.

OPEX instead of CAPEX

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Realizing Secure Cloud Communication Services requires neither hardware nor software. Long delivery times are therefore not an issue. After a brief implementation process, the digital security solution can be put into operation. Here operating costs are incurred almost exclusively in a pay-as-you-use model. In addition, there is virtually no limit to the services’ scalability, meaning that an isolated pilot installation can be quickly rolled out as a company-wide solution. SCCS likewise drastically reduce both complexity and operational expenses by decreasing the number of providers of individual solutions.

More secure cloud access

Give your employees direct and secure cloud access from anywhere without the need for VPN or intranet. Protect your company communications from phishing or malware attacks at the same time. With Secure Cloud Communication Services.

How do SCCS work?

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With SCCS, data traffic from customers, partners, suppliers, and employees is easily protected and monitored. Implementation is ad hoc: Users open up the application, in the background a provider-agnostic connection to EAA services is established via the internet. After inputting login data, they are granted direct access to the applications they are authorized to use. Applications are made SCCS-ready with virtual connectors, which ensure that the applications are accessible via the internet. This allows firewall ports to be closed. If a user wants to start an application, their credentials will be verified and the connection to the application is then established.

An overview of SCCS

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  • Secure access to the cloud (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), high level of protection without the need for VPNs
  • Supports standard browser use with direct login via the internet
  • Single sign-on for all applications
  • Very quick implementation; no additional hard- or software needed
  • Access from any end device (laptop, smartphone, desktop, tablet) and any location with internet connection
  • Relieves the strain on central infrastructure
  • Usable with public cloud and SaaS services
  • Flexibly scalable: from a handful of users to user numbers in the six figures
  • Simple operation: all applications are usable via a one-click solution

More security, simple implementation of compliance specifications

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Those who use SCCS can define compliance with data policies for each individual user – irrespective of location and device used. The platform can display individual legal requirements, be that local data protection requirements or provisions that stipulate no data is saved in certain countries. Communication is of course encrypted, and heightened security requirements are likewise catered for, for example, through the use of MFA procedures. In addition, access is more secure, since usage guidelines can be defined on the basis of identity. In short, zero trust networking access (ZTNA) requirements are fully implemented. 

Secure Access Service Edge – SASE

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SCCS follows the secure access service edge (SASE) model coined by Gartner. Addressing the aspects of access and security, the model addresses the fundamental shift in IT, which is the result of an increase in digitalization, particularly for cloud and IoT services. Previously, the world was comparatively simple: applications were hosted on in-house servers and used via private connections. The continuation of this model today makes little sense in light of the strong growth of cloud computing. First leading the user into the internal network only to redirect them to external cloud services and applications is complex and costly. SCCS help to avoid the disadvantages of backhauling while simultaneously increasing security. Only verified users are granted access to company applications. SCCS are the perfect complement to your cloud strategy.

Benefit from the strengths of T-Systems and Akamai

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  • Simplified remote access reduces the workload for desktop support teams
  • Reduced workload for security teams thanks to a partial reduction in the need to monitor firewall traffic
  • Avoid costs incurred by additional hardware and software 
  • Immediate provision of remote access to new applications and access to a wider range of applications
  • The highest level of partner certification with Akamai ensures competence during consultation and implementation
  • Development of SLA-supported business models possible
  • Zero risk to the business: Akamai services offer 100% availability

Even more security for cloud services

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