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The public sector: on the path to a digital future

Digitalization offers a wealth of opportunities for administration and science, security authorities, and social institutions

How the public sector can become digital

Digitalization is today influencing almost all areas of people’s lives, work, and communication. These changes are also noticeable in the public sector – in the demands placed on citizens' services, for example. Government agencies need to reposition themselves in terms of IT and digital services. Innovative cloud, collaboration, and network solutions offer huge opportunities here.

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IT drives the public sector forward

Today, digitalization is ubiquitous (almost) everywhere in our society. Eight out of ten people aged 14 and over in Germany now use a smartphone (Bitkom 2018). This in turn has a strong impact on how we live, work, communicate, and consume.

These changes can also be observed in the public sector, of course. Citizens increasingly expect better accessibility and faster response times when dealing with authorities, for example. Here, too, IT needs to play an important role – in the administration of cities and communities, security authorities, and churches and social institutions, but also within science, teaching, and research. 

But how can cities evolve into smart cities, which solutions aid police and fire brigades in their duties, how can the social sector be arranged in a modern way, and what is most important within science? Here, entirely new possibilities are being brought about through innovative cloud, collaboration, and network solutions and the Internet of Things.

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