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Digital solutions for administration and science

How ICT makes the public sector future-proof

Digital administration and science: how ICT solutions drive progress

ICT makes administration and science future-proof. In contrast, the scientific community relies on high performance computing, as excellent research requires the highest computing power and networking to compete on a global level. What's most important here is always maximum availability, the highest security and data protection, as well as continuous cost transparency.

Digital administration in the smart city

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When does a city become smart? When it uses technologies that help urban living spaces to be more sociable and use resources more sustainably. This could be an app which shows drivers the number of free parking spots or street lamps which light up only when needed. Digital public administration, with efficient processes and user-friendly services, is likewise part of the smart city concept. This ensures information is always current, individual processes can be executed significantly more quickly and cooperation between agencies is simpler. Residents, businesses, and public institutions ultimately benefit from this in equal measure.

Digital administration offerings

  • The electronic ID
  • Online residents service portal
  • Electronic records (e-records)
  • Joint projects between various disciplines, such as the police and the courts

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Computing power for science

The future of science lies in networking. In teaching and research, the efficient collaboration of interdisciplinary teams and institutions beyond all borders is important. Similarly, the competition for research funding, outstanding academics, and the best students has been global for some time now. High-performance technology is indispensable for ensuring that the scientific community can focus entirely on its core tasks. Strong ICT solutions and cloud-based services provide a strong foundation.

Stable technological foundation

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Only: digitalizing existing administrative structures and processes is no trivial task and brings with it new challenges for IT. Here the highest standards must be met for data protection and the security of communication, to ensure that electronic administrative services are accepted and trust is cultivated. The basis for this is stable, available, and secure networks.

The legal guidelines for the conversion have been supplied by the political sphere in the form of the E-Government Act. This regulates the use of modern ICT in federal agencies, which should also have an impact on the digital communication in communes and states in the future, thus paving the way for future-proof, digital administration.

The scientific community is also dependent on high-performance ICT infrastructure for engaging in excellent research: modern communication solutions and cloud-based systems bring together various locations and support common, interdisciplinary work beyond borders and time zones.

Digital.Research.Together – Cloud for teaching and research

E-Akte Public

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Making document management transparent, finding information more quickly, and shortening waiting times: all this is facilitated by E-Akte Public. In so doing, it ensures that internal and inter-agency cooperation is made considerably easier.

E-Akte Public is based on the high-performance SharePoint server from Microsoft, one of the most innovative collaboration platforms. For simple implementation, T-Systems works with its own app framework, upon which the solution depends. Via SharePoint, files can be edited together and final documents can be integrated - securely, even when on the go.

  • Highly flexible: on-premises operation with the customer or from the private cloud
  • Modular design: seamless integration, even in complex systems
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Availability, data protection, and security thanks to the highest security standards and redundant data storage

Helix Nebula, the science cloud

The scientific community produces huge quantities of data which need to be recorded, managed, and processed further - a challenge for any IT infrastructure. To this end, ten leading European research institutions, including the CERN nuclear research center, use a common platform, "Helix Nebula, the science cloud". It is based on the Open Telekom Cloud from T-Systems. With the flexible solution, IT capacities from the public cloud are available to researchers quickly and in accordance with requirements.

  • Computing, storage, networking, security, and management services can be booked or canceled within minutes
  • IT availability of at least 99.95 percent
  • Compliance "Made in Germany"
  • The highest security standards and data protection conditions

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