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Sustainability on Demand

Watch the webinar recording and get insights from IDC and T-Systems experts that discusses the findings and consequences from our new market research

Becoming a digitally sustainable business

Sustainability, encompassing procurement, logistics, and manufacturing, is crucial in organizations. While essential, it disrupts operations and requires altering business models. With CEOs naming it the top risk in 2024, and an IDC whitepaper showing only 24% prepared for CSRD regulations, its significance is clear.

Digital tech & sustainability as business guides

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Our webinar discusses the pivotal role of sustainability and digital technologies. They not only operationalize ESG goals but also create new business value, guiding companies towards their sustainability objectives. Discover the reasons behind perceiving sustainability as a risk and compliance issue. Challenge conventional viewpoints and uncover the short-sighted perspective that inhibits progress. The upcoming CSRD regulations are not just compliance; they shape a new business landscape, where sustainability is the North Star guiding companies to a brighter future.

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Sustainable business

Because we have to go green: we support you on your way to becoming a sustainable company with innovative ideas and technologies. Get in touch!

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