Streamline your Legacy Application Landscape


Scott Adamson, Head of Public Sector Sales UK at T-Systems UK, looks at how organisations are able to streamline their Legacy Applications Landscapes highlighting how they can retire old systems and make information easily accessible, whilst also making savings.

What if there was a way to move all of the data from those legacy systems to a single platform? 
Wouldn’t it be great to be able to retire old systems and make information easily accessible - secure and compliant in the Cloud? 
Imagine how much more effective it would be having a simple means of viewing and extracting years-old data required for a response to GDPR or Freedom of Information requests.
How you can streamline your legacy application landscape
T-Systems Managed Application Retirement Services offers an end to end service for the retirement of any SAP, non-SAP or bespoke systems, making relevant data available securely and compliant in the Cloud. This decluttering means:
  • Up to 80% savings compared to current legacy hardware, licence and service management overheads
  • Faster and easier retrieval of historic data for compliance requests etc.
  • Assured availability and accessibility of the data
  • Statutory data retention requirements
  • Reduction in technical debt, a simplified IT estate and the freeing of budgets to be used for new projects
Our Managed Application Retirement Services provides a dedicated environment in the private or public cloud and conforms to full audit requirements.