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03-Sep-2018 As early as 2004, the EU issued a directive 2004/52) on the European Electronic Toll Service (EETS). Now there are first GNSS solutions. Find out more
17-May-2018 Narrower than a human hair and connected millions of times over: how Smart Dust mini-computers are set to revolutionize industry. Find out more
12-Jul-2017 Experts are confident: Data analysis can benefit all areas of the healthcare industry enormously. Find out more
12-Apr-2017 Companies nowadays need a much broader and more exact database in order to address customers successfully across all sales and communications channels. Big data is becoming a key competitive ... Find out more
19-Dec-2016 Many companies are still having a hard time converting their big data initiatives into cash. Let's investigate where the obstacles lie in business reality and look at what the experts advise. Find out more
31-Oct-2016 Networking breeds success: how managers in industrial companies are laying the foundation for successful big data analysis. Find out more
16-Aug-2016 Predictive data analytics is an IT megatrend. But how can you balance the implementation of powerful big data systems with the needs for data security and privacy at a company? Find out more
21-Jul-2016 not reactive: predictive analytics, the modern mega-trend, makes retail more customer-friendly and industrial maintenance more efficient. Find out more
14-Jul-2016 Companies are increasingly making strategic decisions based on big data analytics. What are the driving success factors in big data projects? Find out more