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Integrated SOC for IT/OT systems

Protect your production and intellectual property against cyber attacks with Magenta Industrial Security

Connected machines are ill-equipped to fight against cyber attacks

50 %

of respondents say their machines are not equipped to fight cyber attacks 1

51 %

of IT and OT security teams work in isolation 1

91 %

believe that IT and OT should be collectively responsible for the security of machinery 1

81 %

of existing SOCs are not sufficiently aligned with business requirements 2

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    State of Operational Technology and Cybersecurity Report, Fortinet 2020

  • 2 

    Improving the Effectiveness of the Security Operations Center, Ponemon Institute 2019

Security challenges for connected production systems

Production plants and machines are increasingly connected through IT systems. This makes it easier for cyber criminals to manipulate entire value chains through ransomware or Trojans, for example, and to gain access to companies' intellectual property.

Risk posed by ransomware and spyware

The threat landscape for industrial systems (OT) is increasingly resembling threats to business networks (IT). The same categories of malware used to attack conventional IT systems and networks are relevant for OT systems, including spyware (Trojan-Spy and Trojan-PSW), ransomware, backdoors and eraser utilities (KillDisk). At the same time, malware specifically developed for OT systems is also becoming increasingly important.

Attacks on industrial control systems

Targeted attacks on industrial companies are a worrying trend. The purpose of such advanced persistent threats (APTs) is often cyber espionage and serve to prepare for subsequent phases of attack. The goals of the attackers include stealing business-critical information and intellectual property. The number of APTs is increasing and attacks such as Snake or LockBit are targeting industrial control systems.

Industry-specific security standards

To demonstrate that their IT and/or OT systems are secure, organizations must comply with a rapidly increasing number of security standards. The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the International Electronical Commission (IEC) have developed standards and security requirements such as BS3, IEC 622443 or ATT&CK to protect companies against cyber attacks. Our security experts will help you implement the requirements and good practice guidelines that are relevant to your company.

Current examples: Data theft by ransomware

An international household appliance manufacturer was the victim of a ransomware attack in early December 2020. The hackers stole data, encrypted devices and, among others, published employee files containing medical information.

In mid-October 2020, a multinational energy company fell victim to a ransomware attack for the second time in a year. The attackers reportedly stole about 5 terabytes of data from the company, which they intended to analyze for critical content and gradually publish it piece by piece.

Current examples: Cyber attacks on industry

In December 2020, a European helicopter manufacturer was attacked with ransomware. Hackers penetrated the company's network, encrypted files and, after failed negotiations with the extortionists, published aviation specialist's files.

In November 2020, a South American aerospace and defense company was the target of a cyber attack that affected the company's operations. The attack led to the disclosure of company data. It was a ransomware attack that required disabling a significant portion of the company's servers, which in turn led to a partial and temporary disruption of internal processes.

Secure your value chain

Do you want to protect your production facilities from failures caused by cyber attacks on your connected IT and OT systems? Then get comprehensive advice from our security experts now. Book an individual online workshop now!

Our expertise in threat detection and analysis is growing every day as we operate one of the largest SOCs in Europe to keep our critical infrastructure company secure. As a result, we offer in-depth, interdisciplinary expertise in security consulting and operations to ensure the business continuity of our customers, protect intellectual property, and ensure compliance.

Bernd Jäger, Practice Lead Industrial at Telekom Security

End-to-end security for IT and production

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  • 24/7 value chain protection against unauthorized access, sabotage and ransomware
  • Advice from experienced IT and OT security experts
  • Building state-of-the-art security architecture and hardening existing systems
  • Attack detection based on artificial intelligence
  • Quickly initiate coordinated countermeasures with state-of-the-art SOAR technology and efficient converged IT/OT playbooks
  • Unique expertise by operating one of the largest SOCs in Europe

How you can benefit from the IT/OT SOC

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  • Strengthening resilience and securing production
  • Real-time detection of security incidents and presentation of the threat situation
  • Integrated end-to-end approach prevents security silos
  • Comprehensive monitoring of all security-relevant processes
  • Protection against theft of assets and intellectual property
  • Extensive consulting and industrial expertise at T-Systems

Our strategy, your digital future.

We support your digital transformation with industry-specific consultation, first-class cloud services, digital solutions, and strong systemic security. With us, advanced industry expertise meets a perfectly integrated solution from a single source. Let's power higher performance – together!

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