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Dynamic Services for SAP solutions from the cloud

SAP operations: Highly secure, cost-transparent and powerful

  • Operation of SAP systems in the form of standardized, automated and virtualized resources
  • Companies generate scales of economy
  • Minimizes the risk of system failure
  • Maximum cloud security
  • Lowers operating costs by up to 30 percent
Kornelia Bogen

UK Marketing Executive

Market cycles are becoming increasingly shorter and companies need to be able to make business-critical decisions faster. The magic word here is real-time processes. However, that often means that companies need to modify their SAP landscape. With Dynamic Services for SAP Solutions, companies can now use systems and services from the cloud immediately and in line with their current needs – with high availability, low costs and high security standards.
Current research shows that an average of 61 percent of IT decision makers see cloud computing as a big opportunity to help their companies grow. The majority want to use this technology to optimize their infrastructure, and as many as 59 percent are already planning to move their business applications to the cloud.
Dynamic Services for SAP® Solutions will transform corporate IT
  • Flexible and scalable in terms of infrastructure, performance and preferred operating model
  • Reduces the complexity of the SAP application environment; we use highly automated standard components
  • Workflow tool for automatic provisioning
  • Ideal resource capacity utilization (use of IT resources as soon as you order them) based on business requirements
  • Reduced financial risk involved in operating an SAP landscape
  • Significant scales of economy thanks to highly standardized resource provision
  • Invoiced based on actual use
  • Resources can be added to cover peak loads and then cancelled during slower phases
  • Operating costs reduced by up to 30 percent (with Dynamic Services for SAP Solutions)
  • Capital becomes available for new investments (capex vs. opex)
  • Dynamic Services for SAP Solutions is available worldwide in consistently high quality
  • Five pre-defined service levels guarantee the highest quality in working with SAP applications
  • Customer systems mirrored at twin core data centers
  • Services are in conformity with ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) and supported by the Run SAP method
  • Worldwide more than 3,000 experts in the areas of SAP basis and application management & modernization
  • 3-tier SAP system landscape (ERP ECC, CRM, BI), SAP basic operations
  • Solution Manager
  • Private cloud infrastructure
  • Infrastructure operations, operation management, service management
  • Service hours 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, support languages: English and German
  • Platform: Linux 64 bit (Unix optional)
  • Intel x86 technology
  • ABAP Stack, Unicode
  • Customer firewall
  • Databases: Oracle, DB2, MaxDB, Sybase ASE
  • WAN connection from T-Systems data center to Customer MPLS (DC Network Backbone 9Mbit)
  • SAP standard interfaces

Dynamic SAP - Highly standardized, automated and virtualized

"T-Systems ranked closest to the center of the pac radar, which represents the typical market requirements of german sap hosting customers."
PAC RADAR "SAP-Hosting in Germany 2013"
But particularly large companies have high expectations in this area. They demand smooth business and service processes in the form of standardized and industrialized ICT services. With high availability, reliable technology, demand-based delivery and maximum security.

Dynamic Services for SAP Solutions by T-Systems provides just that. Companies receive highly standardized, automated, virtualized, secure and dynamic high-performance resources when they need them. Virtual resource access generates significant scales of economy and lowers costs. Simplified processes with Dynamic Services for SAP Solutions minimize the risk of system failure. Customers can also add and cancel servers automatically as needed. Pooling resources means considerably lower operating costs than what you get with traditional operating models.

dynamic services for sap solutions from the cloud is highly secure

Dynamic Services for SAP Solutions provide the best possible protection with security technology that is always up-to-date and operated at T-Systems data centers, which provide the highest level of data security and data privacy. If required, we can mirror customer systems at our secure twin core data centers (availability of 99.99 percent and more), which have undergone all current certifications.
Strong partners for many years: SAP and T-Systems
Strong partners for Dynamic Services since many years: SAP and T-Systems.
Dynamic Services for SAP Solutions also lowers operating costs by up to 30 percent, because companies no longer need to maintain extra capacity to cover peak loads. With our service, companies only pay for the resources they actually use. One considerable benefit is need-based billing of dynamic SAP operating solutions, which minimizes investment risk and requires no capital investment.
Customers also benefit from the fact that T-Systems and SAP collaborate on innovations and continue to further develop platforms like Dynamic Services for SAP HANA®, Mobile Solutions and cloud technologies.
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