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White paper: The world of tracking

How tracking solutions increase efficiency in logistics 

IoT-based track & trace solutions for digital logistics

All companies are now sourcing the best tracking solutions for their various needs and business models, including the critical tracking of goods indoors and outdoors. Read how T-Systems and Deutsche Telekom IoT offer economical, accurate, and reliable operational tracking solutions and learn how to choose the right solution for your business.

Gain insights into the exciting possibilities for your tracking needs


Our white paper shows how IoT tracking solutions can add value to logistics companies and includes: 

  • Explanations of the various IoT tracking technologies in the market, their applications, and benefits
  • How to identify the right tracking solution for your business
  • Tracking solutions glossary of terms
  • Real-life examples of tracking solutions projects
  • How to leverage your tracking data

Our white paper also contains a list of the questions that will help you to build your use case.


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