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Take advantage of the cloud

Flexible, platform-independent operation of applications in the hybrid cloud

Managing a complex cloud infrastructure

Migrating and running applications in the cloud can present challenges for IT departments. Resources such as virtual servers and applications need to be orchestrated in different clouds. Application containers are advisable for migration; these containers can be moved to any cloud.

Container services facilitate migration to the cloud

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There are pitfalls on the way to transforming an IT architecture to becoming cloud-based. The transformation must not disrupt running operations and existing applications which are often required to be available for use during the process. The road that connects the existing IT world with the new, digitalized environment runs through platform-independent container services.

Container services enable the operation of applications, middleware, and data banks on any platform. Within the scope of managed services with defined SLAs (Service Level Agreements), companies gain maximum stability and are assured of the continuous operation of their production systems. For test and development projects, self-service provides you with the greatest possible flexibility: you will be able to switch your applications on and off as required and reduce costs to actual usage.

Once an application has been developed as a container solution, it may be operated on a large number of different platforms – in the private or public cloud or even in a company's own data center. This also applies to applications which were not originally designed to be operated in the cloud. As part of the transformation (cloud shift), such applications are made fit for a virtualized environment and merge seamlessly into the new infrastructure.

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End-to-end service for cloud transformation

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The container services of T-Systems enable dynamic applications on all platforms with exclusively tested services. A service catalog that is not dependent on specific manufacturers offers maximum flexibility – as well as the choice between managed service and self-service. The decision for which platform to operate your applications on is yours. The end-to-end service combines application, middleware, and data bank operation with services offering transformation and migration of applications to the cloud.

Isolating applications in containers using Docker

Docker is the basis of the T-Systems containers. The Docker library contains over 30,000 containers, from which customers can choose and develop the ideal version for their own purposes. The necessary interfaces are included from the start and the containers work on all new Linux versions and on Windows Server 2016. They can be managed and monitored together through container management in order to ensure that each container is automatically only executed in the environment for which it is intended – for example, in a public cloud. As all containers run on different virtual machines, they achieve exceptional system stability: if a system develops a malfunction, the container will automatically be started on a different virtual machine within a matter of seconds, and the application will continue to operate seamlessly.

Containers manage complexity

Containers offer a tried-and-tested, flexible alternative for the transfer and operation of applications, regardless of the target platform.

Containers allow a wide range of applications to operate flexibly in a range of environments

Containers enable the flexible operation of the most diverse range of applications in very different environments.

Zero errors, zero outage

Setting up multi-cloud with T-Systems offers a wide range of benefits:
Zero impact

  • No negative impact on the IT structure through cyber attacks
  •  Security-tested container and cloud runtime environments from T-Systems

Zero outage

  • No critical outages in running IT operations
  • Containers on fail-safe cloud platforms from T-Systems

Zero failure

  • Minimization of potential errors in the implementation of transformation projects
  • Automated migration of customer applications to containers

Zero touch

  • No unnecessary maneuvers which could result in errors and cause costs to spiral
  •  Simple configuration via the self-service portal and automated container provision

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Relocating applications into the cloud

Transferring applications to the cloud is no trivial matter. Without careful planning and a clear strategy, costs can multiply, and the migration can fail.

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