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Attack Surface Reduction

Identify the attack surface, discover vulnerabilities, and reduce risks to improve security posture

Are you on top of all your security risks?

With an increase in cloud and digital technologies, more devices, networks, databases, servers, etc. are involved in daily business operations, which increases the company’s attack surface fast. As an organization, you must see your attack surface as an attacker would – always trying to look for security gaps to launch malware or an attack. Are you aware of all assets, security controls, misconfiguration, shadow IT, third-party plugins, attack vectors, and unauthorized access? Is there a detailed inventory in place for you to periodically assess the status?

The need for Attack Surface Reduction for businesses

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Any company with an unmanaged external attack surface will have cyber risks looming over it. The majority of organizations have experienced an attack from an unknown or unmanaged asset1. A complex attack surface creates even more challenges for security teams to detect threats and negatively impacts compliance rates. Organizations need to be aware of these implications and actively minimize the attack surface by identifying and securing all the assets and different entry points that a hacker could exploit to launch cyberattacks. Otherwise, chances for a data breach are high. 

Managed cyber defense for businesses

Does your organization have sufficient resources and infrastructure to defend against cyber-attacks? Understand how SOC, SIEM, and managed cyber defense together can protect your organization.

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How we can help you in Attack Surface Reduction

We can help your company reduce the attack surface by conducting a comprehensive assessment to discover your known, unknown, and rogue assets (asset discovery). We then map your assets according to criticality. After identifying asset criticality and potential security gaps, our experts offer recommendations and remediation for your security configurations, access policies, patches, etc. With our automated tools, identifying and reducing the attack surface becomes far easier. T-Systems’ experts regularly track the program's effectiveness and take actions that further optimize the results to build a robust cyber defense. 

Attack Surface Management for better security, compliance, and resilience

Any organization that’s transforming digitally, adopting cloud technologies, or enabling a hybrid work model needs to rethink its attack surface security strategy.

With the robust solution, you can:

  1. Avoid security incidents and data breaches
  2. Improve compliance by regularly assessing security posture and fixing gaps
  3. Prevent attacks like ransomware or attacks that cause downtimes, leading to heavy financial impact
  4. Enhance real-time visibility and incident response
  5. Optimize resources as per criticality

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1 Attack Surface Management (ASM) Statistics Report, 2023

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