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Adopting and leveraging AWS for SAP

Advanced Applications GmbH's transformation of SAP business to the AWS cloud enables new services for customers

Advanced Applications chose AWS due to rising cloud service demand

Many companies are looking to modernize and evolve SAP applications and workloads on an efficient and cost-effective cloud platform. With the demand for cloud services on the rise, Advanced Applications decided to use AWS. They were looking for a partner who could provide rapid, low-risk migration to AWS. T-Systems, a certified AWS SAP Services Partner, was selected to support Advanced Applications.

At a glance

T-Systems enabled Advanced Applications to integrate AWS (Amazon Web Services) into the Advanced Hybrid Cloud. ISG’s Ecosystem Provider Lens™ confirms that T-Systems is one of the leading service providers for AWS in Germany. With the high level of technical expertise, market knowledge and customer success in this field, T-Systems has set the foundation for AWS Managed Cloud Services and has provided the connection to AWS. This has helped Advanced Applications in supercharging their performance, flexibility, and security while also getting a head start with delivering new services for their customers. 

The challenge

Advanced Applications has its own data center infrastructure. With changing customer requirements and business models that emphasized a cloud-first approach, Advanced Applications was looking for cloud solutions that were fast enough to meet the demands of real-time operations, flexible enough to adapt quickly to changing business and market requirements, and secure enough to protect valuable data. Moreover, the company was looking to scale and provide new services to their customers with greater agility and integrate them directly into the existing Advanced hosting operating model. This was becoming increasingly difficult to address within its own data centers. The long lead times for hardware and the changing customer preferences warranted a change. The challenge was to scale and modify the SAP environments, acquire, and deploy cutting-edge hardware platforms, and work with clients in new markets quickly and affordably. As an AWS Premier Partner with an excellent track record of global transformation of IT landscapes, T-Systems guided Advanced Applications and supported them by adding SAP on AWS to their portfolio.

Telekom has already been a long-time partner providing us with an excellent service over the years. With their expertise in Managed Cloud Services, T-Systems as part of Telekom helped us get started with AWS and enabled the seamless transformation of the SAP business to the cloud. This has allowed us to offer new services for customers and modernize the SAP systems.

Bülent Cira, Teamlead Cloud Services - Advanced Applications GmbH

The solution

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“T-Systems provided top-notch consulting when migrating and deploying SAP applications on AWS ”, Bülent Cira at Advanced Applications. From building a business case and defining the roadmap to choosing the best solution and migrating instances to integrate with the existing IT landscape, T-Systems planned and delivered the AWS Direct Connect. 

T-Systems also supported Advanced Applications by securing their cloud environment – from planning and designing to calculating, building, and optimizing workloads. Advanced Applications became a multi-cloud provider, offering its customers provision from different hyperscalers and was thus able to utilize deep expertise, cutting-edge innovation, and a broad range of services needed to take the cloud value to the next level. 

Deploying S/4HANA production environments helped in streamlining this process while integrating the SAP workloads with cloud services further simplified management by automating resource provisioning and other system maintenance.

Customer benefits

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The consulting and seamless and rapid cloud deployment provided by T-Systems has helped Advanced Applications transform into an innovative SAP provider for SMEs, while also ensuring greater operational agility, higher innovation capabilities and opportunities for new businesses. The adoption of the cloud-first approach has helped Advanced Applications provide cost-flexible SAP services, accelerating business processes, and minimizing the time required to generate value. The move to the cloud environment also ensured enhanced security and compliance capabilities. In addition, global availability and scalability are some benefits offered by Managed Cloud Services for Advanced Applications and its customers. T-Systems has been a trusted partner providing ongoing guidance and support from strategy to deployment to continued operation.

The smooth transition and around-the-clock support offered by T-Systems helped Advanced Applications meet its critical needs for efficiency and scalability, while also giving it the head start it needed to deliver new services to its customers.

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About Advanced Applications

Advanced Applications is SAP Gold Partner that offers a complete range of services for the clients’ SAP ERP and S/4HANA environment. The company is focused on serving enterprise customers in the fields of high-tech, medical technology, automotive, mechanical as well as process manufacturing for pharma. Founded in 2002, the main business areas for Advanced Applications include SAP consulting, support, integration and development, as well as implementation, maintanance and hosting. Over the past 20 years, Advanced Applications has supported more than 250 customers with their SAP system landscape and digitalization. Today, the company has more than 120 employees at 7 locations worldwide with its headquarters in Rottweil, BadenWürttemberg in Germany.

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