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As a pioneer in all things digitalization, the Autohaus Gitter dealership has been using VaudisX since the word go

Customer benefits

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“The user is accompanied step by step, from arranging and planning appointments to order qualification and workshop planning, as well as invoicing and archiving,” says Managing Director Jürgen Ketzel, praising the work. The various customers communication channels that the DMS offers impressed the dealership's managing director. The holistic process support increases the efficiency of the dealership. It benefits employees and customers alike. Because ultimately, the Autohaus Gitter dealership can set itself apart from the local competition with the help of VaudisX: it enables better consulting, and a more competent image strengthens the customer relationship.

For all that, the service consultants at the Autohaus Gitter dealership save a lot of time when organizing service orders with the new dealer management system. At the same time, however, VaudisX is also opening up new business potential in which customers can be directly targeted. Facts and analyses provide a much firmer basis for an acquisition discussion. The likelihood of concluding a deal is significantly increased. At the same time, the software architecture of VaudisX is open both to the past and the future. Established tools such as the TKP workshop planner can still be integrated and used via an interface. At the same time, new applications such as Salesforce can be used at any time. And since VaudisX is designed to be brand-independent, the dealer management system can also be used for the processes in the dealership's Toyota line.

The user is accompanied step by step, from arranging and planning appointments to order qualification and workshop planning, as well as invoicing and archiving.

Jürgen Ketzel, Managing Director Autohaus Gitter

The challenge

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VAUDIS – this is no stranger among the VW service partners. As a dealer management system, VAUDIS has been reliably supporting the processes within the dealerships for a good 30 years. VAUDIS continues to be very much present. Almost every second VW dealership depends on the dealer management dinosaur. But modern requirements such as customer intimacy for an optimized customer experience, from which both the workshop and the customers benefit, are not adequately supported by the system. Furthermore, the user experience when working with VAUDIS has remained at the same level since the turn of the millennium.

This was not a situation the Autohaus Gitter dealership in Erfurt was prepared to settle for: “We wanted to make the complete service process as elegant and smooth as possible,” explains Heiko Etzhold, one of the business managers at the dealership. It was important to the VW and Toyota partner that links to important existing tools remained in place, while also being able to use modern applications like Salesforce easily in the future. It was also important to the dealership that all customer data remained on the local servers in the dealership.

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The solution

With VaudisX, T-Systems has worked with users from car dealerships to develop the next generation of VAUDIS. A modern dealer management system that fully replicates the service processes in the dealership. The dealership uses the software on its own servers in house via a user-oriented monthly payment model. VaudisX acts as a central hub for all service processes from booking the appointment through to vehicle handover. The car dealership's employees find all historic information at a glance in the archived customer or vehicle files; all processes between the service consulting, workshop, and customer are controlled from a single window. This makes the previous switching between different programs a thing of the past. At the same time, VaudisX gives the dealership new service options. If the service customer enters the dealership, the event is already logged and prequalified. By integrating into other backend systems, it will immediately become clear, for example, whether the customer is affected by a product recall. Waiting times are a thing of the past, as the service appointment is already optimally planned in advance, including the workshop availability and necessary replacement parts. 

The digital solution also incorporates the customer even after he leaves the premises. An electronic chat is carried out via tablet in the workshop. This enables essential repairs that were previously not picked up on the car to be documented in situ with a photo. The photo can be sent to the customer's cellphone along with a cost estimate for the order add-on. The customer can then decide, also electronically, whether the dealership will integrate the repair into the current service or defer it to a later point in time. Deferred services can then be used for an active sales pitch at a later date and the VaudisX archive ensures they are not lost as in the past. In addition to the processes being made more flexible, the structured and concentrated archiving of customer and vehicle information in an archive database enables further evaluations in order to get to know the customer better and to optimize the customer experience.

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