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White paper: GDPR with ECM – a dream team

Learn how you can implement the DSGVO requirements in your company with the help of ImageMaster

Data protection compliance, independent of industry sector and enterprise size

Can enterprise content management systems make a significant contribution to processing personal information correctly? Our white paper dives deep into the questions you need to ask and includes your guidelines for implementing the General Data Protection Regulation with ECM systems.

Find answers to:

  • What are the legally defined protection goals for personal data?
  • What must be included in a data protection concept to be created?
  • What solutions are there and what are the important types of deletion?
  • With which special functions can ECM systems also significantly facilitate the processing and protection of personal data?
  • How does ImageMaster facilitate processing and all documentation obligations?


Cover and the next page as a screenshot showing the white paper: GDPR with ECM – A dream team

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