Smiling woman with tab in hand, surrounded by plants
03. April 2024 | Sustainability Services

RISE with SAP: A move towards net zero

SAP solutions can help companies adopt a sustainable approach to managing carbon footprint.

ISO LCA standard, aim to limit climate change
21. February 2024 | Sustainability Services

Leveraging a sustainable value chain for profitability and growth

Adopting sustainable practices is now a critical survival strategy for businesses, with CEOs prioritising sustainability in their operations to foster growth and meet stringent regulations.

globe on moss in a forest
15. February 2024 | Sustainability Services

Sustainability: An imperative business mandate

Learn how embracing sustainability can turn challenges into profitable opportunities for your business.

Hand holding bulb with net zero icon. It is surrounded by a clean energy icon.
06. February 2024 | Sustainability Services

The route to CSRD readiness

How will the new CSRD reporting requirements impact companies' competitiveness and relevance in today's market?

Sunrise above solar panels and wind turbines
31. January 2024 | Sustainability Services

Harnessing sustainability KPIs

Unlock the power of sustainability KPIs with accurate tracking and integration into your corporate strategy.

Fish eye perspective on grass and industrial area
22. January 2024 | Cloud Services

Industry Cloud: the green superhero?

What happens when enterprises rely on industry cloud platforms? Does this automatically make them “greener”?

A friendly robot enters through an open office door
15. January 2024 | Artificial Intelligence

Are you ready for AI?

If you want your workers to achieve sustainable results with generative AI, you need to train them and cleanse your data to get it AI-ready.

Closeup female face with layer of polygon visuals
05. September 2023 | Artificial Intelligence

How do companies strike a balance with AI?

ChatGPT, hyperautomation, robotics – AI enables many innovations. But when dealing with AI, we need to think in a new way.

Office building with green window facade against blue sky
21. August 2023 | Sustainability Services

How sovereign cloud helps the environment

While public clouds conserve resources, the sovereign cloud also helps with compliance and data protection guidelines.

hand holding smartphone with globe icon against green background
21. June 2023 | Sustainability Services

Is ChatGPT a smarter sustainability consultant?

ChatGPT amazes people with its knowledge. But is that enough to deliver sustainability strategies as well? More about this in the blog.

Two lakes shaped like footprints
12. April 2023 | Sustainability Services

Where to go for Green IT?

IT modernization is an excellent way to reduce the environmental footprint of applications.

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