A white cloud floats in a server room
20. January 2023 | Sustainability Services

Can digital growth be sustainable?

How companies measure the CO2 footprint of their cloud infrastructure and derive measures from this.

Women holding a tablet.
04. January 2023 | Quantum Computing

Fields of digital innovation: Blockchain, quantum, VR/AR

Explore less mature, newly emerging technologies that are considered important milestones of digital innovation.

03. January 2023 | Artificial Intelligence

AI and ML System Solutions for Digital Innovation

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies can be used to address many of the identified targets of digital innovation.

Business people hold a plant together
02. January 2023 | Sustainability Services

Time to rethink, isn't it?

Digitization is also about taking responsibility and thinking about sustainability right from the start.

Digital Plattform
15. December 2022 | IoT and Edge

Fields of Digital Innovation: Internet of Things

Organizations are investing in the Internet of Things (IoT) to help them achieve their digital innovation goals.

sap on blue background
12. October 2022 | Application Services

Major security risk for companies: SAP platform to be phased out in 2027

Understand why it is business critical to consider modernizing your ERP system as soon as possible.

stack of hands
30. August 2022 | Application Services

The overseen challenge with transforming your SAP landscape

Why a communication plan for your SAP modernization needs to be part of your overall transformation strategy

Business man working on a tablet in a greenhouse
02. August 2022 | Cloud Services

How to make the sovereign cloud green

Sovereignty alone is not enough. Cloud services must also be sustainable. Only then are they fit for the future.

Tower of three wooden cubes, isolated on white background
28. July 2022 | Application Services

Two key barriers hindering a successful SAP transformation

Understand which two key barriers can affect your SAP transformation and what you need to consider to overcome these.

A man showing his colleague something on the computer
25. July 2022 | Application Services

SAP Licenses Fully Under Control

How companies are optimizing their SAP license management and cutting license costs by up to 40% on average.

A businessman giving a presentation in the office
13. July 2022 | Application Services

SAP S/4HANA transformation: setting the right course

How companies can get their SAP S/4HANA projects on the road to success by using the right strategic guidelines.

A woman painting a tree.
12. July 2022 | Cloud Services

Cloud trends with future potential

Innovative cloud developments help companies continue to grow in the long term. Three key trends.

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