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More than a provider: with one holistic cloud offer, we partner with you on your journey to modernising your workloads

Achieve stable and secure enterprise application operations in the cloud

Aging legacy applications, labor-intensive and time-consuming application management, inefficient business processes, shadow IT, and multiple providers all amount to one thing: complexity. And it’s that complexity that impedes agility and innovation. But how do you best navigate the workload options and speed up your modernisation journey? How do you prevent costs from escalating? And how can you ensure accountability when things go wrong?

One comprehensive enterprise application services portfolio

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Get everything you need for your cloud application journey from one partner, from application transformation and management services to complimentary integrated solutions, all with built-in security. We help modernise your workloads, automate and simplify application management, build resilience, and improve transparency and agility. And let’s be realistic, in huge application landscapes, there may be glitches in the corporate network that cause applications to malfunction. But with one sole accountability, we assume full responsibility for your application landscape and KPIs.

One trusted expert partner, delivering value through one proven approach

When we discuss technology, it’s always in the context of value. So, we start with the workload requirements, not the application. You may not want to lose legacy features developed over the years, but neither do you want to migrate problems to the cloud! We identify the best approach for each workload: modernise and re-host your legacy application, find a better cloud-native alternative, or build new. Throughout the entire application lifecycle, we focus on continuous improvement balanced with empathetic change management. Ultimately, we ensure high-performing apps that deliver superb experiences.

Championing your success and achieving more – together

By choosing us as your enterprise cloud applications partner, benefit from:

  • Simplicity – Automated application services, monitored 24/7 for risk-free, safe operations. ITIL compliant
  • Value for money – Through economies of scale, we offer considerable savings. And by consolidating and modernising your applications, we ensure that you only pay for what you need
  • Self-service – A central portal/catalog of services gives users the autonomy they desire while IT can maintain governance
  • A DevOps-orientated model for cloud applications, managed toolchain, and middleware services on any cloud

White paper: migrate to SAP S/4HANA

Understand the different migration approaches and know what crucial questions to ask with our whitepaper: How to save millions when moving to SAP/S4HANA! Includes advice on best practices and a step-by-step guide to near-zero downtime migration.

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One holistic offer

T-Systems is more than a provider; we're your partner. We accompany your organization throughout your workload modernisation journey. We can support your success with resilient, sustainable, and automated cloud operations with security at their core.

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