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Revolutionising retail with IT modernisation

Embrace the future: transform your retail business with cutting-edge IT solutions

Reimagining retail with IT modernisation

IT modernisation is crucial in retail for staying competitive and meeting evolving consumer demands. It enhances efficiency, customer experiences, and data-driven decision-making. Modern IT infrastructure leads to faster, more reliable services, while advanced analytics provide insights for targeted marketing and optimised inventories. This not only streamlines operations but also fosters innovation, opening new avenues for growth in the retail sector.

Modernising retail IT: embracing next-gen technologies

The IT modernisation in retail involves integrating AI, cloud technology, 5G campus networks, and robust cyber security. AI enhances customer service and inventory management through predictive analytics. Cloud technology offers scalable, flexible solutions for data storage and management. 5G campus networks enable real-time data exchange, ensuring seamless in-store and online experiences. Cyber security fortifies this digital infrastructure, safeguarding customer data and business operations. Together, these technologies pave the way for a smarter, more secure retail future.


Modernise IT infrastructure

Discover how retailers can take full advantage of IT modernisation. Contact us to see which solutions are ideally suited to your requirements.

AI-based intelligent systems for retail

AI is revolutionising the retail industry by enhancing customer experiences and streamlining operations. AI-powered tools offer personalised shopping experiences, predictive inventory management, and efficient supply chain optimisation. These intelligent systems analyse vast data sets for insights into consumer behaviour, helping retailers make informed decisions. From chatbots assisting online shoppers to AI in logistics for timely deliveries, it is transforming how retail functions, driving sales and customer satisfaction.

Flexible and scalable: cloud services for the retail industry

Cloud services are an increasingly important part of IT infrastructure and digitalisation in the retail sector. T-Systems offers retailers the entire range of public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions as end-to-end services. In addition to Telekom's own Open Telekom Cloud, these also include managed cloud services for the hyperscalers AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Azure. This also includes the migration of existing IT systems such as SAP to the cloud.

Proactive security for all IT systems

There is a perpetual threat to IT systems from hackers using techniques like ransomware to blackmail their victims. The cyber attacks are becoming more professional and dangerous, and they cannot be warded off using conventional tools. T-Systems cyber defence centres monitor company networks and IT systems around the clock and ward off attempted attacks. Our security experts audit IT systems for vulnerabilities in advance using penetration tests and remedy any that are found, thus preventing attacks.

Uniform customer experiences with SAP for Retail

Transform your business processes with SAP S/4 HANA to develop customised shopping experiences. Digitalise supply chains to efficiently procure goods and manage inventories. Improve demand forecasting with SAP Customer Activity Repository (CAR) and maximise the impact of promotions. SAP for Retail lets you design intelligent systems to transform business processes with AI from cloud or on-premises installations. Take advantage of T-Systems' preconfigured business solutions and know-how from thousands of successfully implemented SAP implementation projects with SAP best practices.

5G campus network: real-time data exchange

A 5G campus network that connects public and private mobile networks, as well as Wi-Fi, and that enables real-time data exchange is a great solution for multiple applications – AR, VR, seamless shopping, self-checkout, or high-resolution multimedia streaming services. And also for robots in warehouses, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) in production or intralogistics, IoT solutions such as condition monitoring, track and trace, digital price tags, or in-store analytics requiring real-time communication.

White paper: Managed Cyber Defense for Retail

As modern retail players adopt newer technologies like data analytics, cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and more – are the cybersecurity measures enough? How can they secure their business? How managed cyber defense can help SMEs?

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