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Revolutionising public transport operations

Seamless public transport solutions for smarter, efficient and sustainable mobility

Streamlining transport with transport control systems

As urban landscapes evolve, the need for reliable, efficient and sustainable public transport has never been greater. With a focus on harnessing digital advancements, we are committed to shaping a future where public transport is not just a mode of commuting, but a catalyst for urban development and ecological balance. Our deep expertise and innovative technology solutions are driving a paradigm shift in the way cities and communities approach mobility.

Smart transport suite – intelligent, complete and designed to meet demand

Take the opportunity to fully digitalise the management of your local public transport system. Right across all processes. Fulfil the requirements of a future-proof operation with high cost-efficiency and a modern passenger experience. The T-Systems smart transport suite offers modules that are coordinated with one another, and that can be used individually or together. Individually tailored to your local public transport requirements. The suite contains the following modules: planning and scheduling, operational management, ticketing, analysis and optimisation, radio control centre, dynamic passenger information, and e-charging management.


Contact us for transportation solutions

For inquiries about our comprehensive transportation planning, disposition, and analytics offerings, please get in touch with us. We're here to optimise your transit operations and enhance passenger experiences.

Efficient planning and disposition solutions

In the world of transportation, meticulous planning and efficient disposition are the cornerstones of success. Our comprehensive suite includes service planning, personnel planning, vehicle planning, and vehicle disposition solutions. These integrated tools empower transport providers to optimise routes, manage staff effectively and ensure vehicles are deployed strategically. With these advanced systems, we streamline operations, reduce costs and enhance overall efficiency, ensuring a smoother journey for passengers while boosting the bottom line.

Harnessing data for smart decisions: analytics and optimisation

In the pursuit of transport excellence, analytics and optimisation play a pivotal role. Our suite features AI-based departure and arrival forecasts, a robust data analytics platform and steadfast support for traffic management. With these tools, we transform data into actionable insights, providing real-time forecasts and traffic management solutions. These data-driven strategies enable public transport providers to operate more efficiently, reduce delays and offer passengers a smoother, more punctual travel experience.

T-Systems as partner for public transport companies

T-Systems is an innovative digital service provider in public transport with outstanding customer-centric products. We combine deep industry expertise with our digitalisation proficiency to develop and implement digital solutions that enable the efficient, intermodal and safe use of existing infrastructure, e.g., the cloud-aware Intermodal Transport Control System (ITCS) for public transport providers. For passengers, we create a better user experience by providing reliable information and seamless transport, e.g., an AI-based forecasting machine and e-ticketing solution linking various modes of public transport.

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