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The security requirements for protecting your infrastructure are constantly changing – a suitable security concept helps

Does your company have a sufficient level of security?

Information, know-how, patents, recipes. Are your key business assets adequately protected and do you know the security gaps in your IT architecture? What about your IT security concept for the future? Do you know what to do if cyber criminals have already infiltrated your system and are stealing information? In short: do you know the risk and are you prepared for an emergency?

IT security as the basis for corporate success

A comprehensive security concept is one of the key factors for companies that want to be successful in the long term. This is because security incidents occur all the time and the risk of being the target of an attack is constantly increasing: from untargeted, opportunistic attacks to highly professional, systematic attacks. Inadequate IT security measures put your information security at risk, making it easier for attackers to exploit vulnerabilities and launch cyber threats. At the same time, there is hardly an environment that is as dynamic as IT security. Innovative technologies, changing requirements, and strategic decisions are constantly challenging corporate security in new ways. In this context, new opportunities unfortunately often come with new vulnerabilities. These need to be eliminated and safety maintained with risk and threat management to avoid cyber threats or data breaches. 

To protect corporate assets as reliably as possible while at the same time ensuring information security, concrete measures are needed at both the organisational and technical levels. We help you identify and successfully implement the right measures for your organisation.

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Your security concept for the future

Strengths and weaknesses are different in every company. To create an appropriate IT security strategy, you therefore need a precise analysis of your current security status. Our Security Consulting and Advisory Services help you evaluate your strategic and acute security needs. After assessment, together, we develop a solution tailored to your needs to guarantee the best possible implementation and eliminate vulnerabilities in the system. From the creation of specific risk analyses and the derivation of concrete measures to the design of your individual IT security roadmap – we will assist you with the implementation. With our consulting, you can increase your organisation's security level and thus stay on track for success.

Your critical infrastructure firmly under control

To prevent system-critical supply bottlenecks and serious data theft, the Network and Information System Security Act (NISG) requires compliance with comprehensive and specific security measures. These were tightened in early 2023 with the NIS-2 Directive and extended to a significant portion of the economy. Do you know if you are also affected by NIS and are you already implementing the new requirements? Work with us to ensure long-term compliance with NIS requirements.

Building a solid security foundation

For a strong foundation, IT security must be anchored in all parts of the company, both technically and organisationally. This requires a well-thought-out strategy that spans all services and ensures a consistent and high standard of security across the entire enterprise. In the webinar, our cyber security experts will show you how to lay the foundation for robust security in your organisation.

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