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Your cloud journey, on your terms

Consider private cloud services if you want cloud benefits with security control

The legacy dilemma in the realm of cloud migration

Although companies today realise the potential of the cloud, many are still hesitant when it comes to moving their critical legacy workloads and applications to the cloud. Enter private cloud, where you can customise the cloud architecture as per business needs, have control over cloud security and get the benefits of more scalability than traditional on-premises infrastructure.

How private cloud can work for you

Private cloud is a cloud environment that provides secure, scalable on-demand access to computing resources within a private network. It is an ideal solution for companies that require enhanced security and control over their data and applications. A private cloud platform is important because legacy systems must remain cost-efficiently supported. Some applications are not cost-efficient to run in a public cloud; others cannot pass due to security or legislation. In such a scenario, private cloud ensures a higher level of security and privacy while providing cost savings through greater efficiency.


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Security woes are a thing of the past

With a large focus on data privacy, especially in highly regulated industries such as finance and healthcare, ensuring watertight security compliance is paramount. A private cloud solution offers the scale and flexibility that these industries require to run operations while complying with mandatory regulatory requirements. We believe that to modernise your company’s IT infrastructure in the long term, it is advisable to have a partner that has sufficient cloud and security expertise in-house to be able to provide adequate advice.

Take the first step towards digitalisation

In our experience, only with the right cloud strategy, which also takes security aspects into account from the start, can migration succeed and potentially be leveraged. As an enabler of cloud transformation, T-Systems’ private cloud offering, Future Cloud Infrastructure, has been reliably supporting companies on their path to greater performance and security. Our experts work with you to define your cloud migration and security strategy, find suitable solutions and help implement it. In this way, companies are optimally prepared for the cloud world. 

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