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Powering passenger experiences on public transport

Digital solutions to make customer journeys safe and seamless with game-changing results

How digital technology is transforming the passenger experience

Rising passenger numbers, ageing public transport infrastructure and a lack of operational efficiency are just a few of the challenges faced by the public transport sector today. Digitalisation of public transport systems is the key to regaining momentum and ensuring a future-driven passenger experience. Our digital passenger experience solutions portfolio is the result of close collaboration with our customers and partners.

Enhancing passenger experiences: a new frontier in public transport

The heart of public transport lies in its passengers. Yet, delivering exceptional passenger experiences amid growing urbanisation and diverse mobility needs presents a multi-faceted challenge. At T-Systems, we are embarking on a mission to reshape the way passengers interact with public transport. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions, we’re paving the way to a future where every journey is seamless, comfortable and truly delightful.


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Mobility solutions: multimodal and Mobility-as-a-Service

Our offerings encompass on-demand transport and ride pooling, alongside robust Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) platforms. These solutions empower individuals to seamlessly navigate multiple modes of transport, from public transport to shared rides, all through a unified platform. Our innovative solutions are also dedicated to enhancing the accessibility of public transport and improving the passenger experience for individuals with disabilities.

Enhancing the passenger experience: Passenger Infotainment

T-Systems takes passenger satisfaction seriously and aims to transform the travel experience. We help provide passengers with a seamless journey using our Passenger Information and Infotainment systems. These systems offer dynamic updates and real-time rail information, ensuring passengers are well-informed and engaged throughout their trip. Whether it’s updates on arrival times, entertainment options or interactive maps, our solutions keep passengers connected and entertained.

Making better ticketing solutions

Our cutting-edge ticketing technology ensures a seamless and hassle-free ticket purchase process. With user-friendly interfaces and secure eTicket management, passengers can book and manage their journeys with ease. Furthermore, our expertise in ticket and revenue settlement services, e-ticket security management, and expert ticket shop consulting empowers transport providers to create user-centric ticketing platforms, offering personalised promotions and loyalty programmes to passengers. By leveraging our ticketing solutions, operators can streamline revenue management, reduce fraud and provide travellers with a frictionless ticketing experience, ultimately contributing to a more enjoyable and efficient journey for passengers.

Mobile revolution

The future of mobility is digital, multimodal, efficient and sustainable. It frees up resources without increasing capacities. More people get to their destinations faster and in a more environmentally friendly way. The benefits: Passengers benefit from more transport links, better connections, shorter travel times, simple and flexible ticketing, more precise arrival and departure times, and vehicle sharing. With digitalisation and state-of-the-art technology, T-Systems is sending out a signal to transport companies moving into the future of mobility in rail and local public transport.

Accessibility in passenger experience

In the dynamic world of multimodal mobility, it’s paramount to put the customer front and centre for an exceptional passenger journey. Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) providers are leading the charge, passionately championing accessibility as the keystone of the entire travel experience. Through seamlessly designed app interfaces, real-time updates at your fingertips, and flawless connections between various transport services, MaaS providers are unwavering in their commitment to crafting a transport service that elevates every facet of your travel experience. In this exciting era of public transport operations, accessibility isn’t merely a concept – it’s the bedrock of a more inclusive, efficient and enticing mobility landscape that you simply can’t afford to miss out on.

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