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E-health: Digitalisation in Healthcare

Discover where our solutions are employed by statutory health insurance companies, IT providers, hospitals, and start-ups.

Technology as the basis for connected healthcare

We combine profound industry knowledge with technological expertise to develop products and services that fulfill both the functional and regulatory needs of healthcare. For example, through our healthcare cloud – the first cloud that meets all requirements of people subject to professional confidentiality with respect to data protection and data security within the meaning of Section 203 of the German Penal Code (StGB). Be it private, hybrid, or public. Sensitive health data is secure and protected at all times thanks to our unique security expertise.

Digital solutions and automated processes

On this basis, we create new digital applications, such as online offices and automated business processes, through which our customers can ensure more satisfied employees, insured parties, and patients. In this way, a digital colleague relieves the service staff at BARMER of recurring tasks thanks to artificial intelligence. GKV Informatik entrusts T-Systems with its IT systems, in which millions of sets of social security data are securely processed. The health insurance company DAK-Gesundheit is moving its customer service department to home offices. And app developers such as Zanadio and Selfapy are benefiting from a secure and scalable OpenStack development environment from the cloud.

White paper: IT security in the healthcare industry

How to modernise healthcare with smart cyber defence at its core.

Leader in healthcare digital services

Information Services Group for Germany (ISG) recognizes T-Systems as leader in digital healthcare services 2022.

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