Secure digital health ID for AOK insured

Digital identities: AOK commissions T-Systems

Introduction of new health ID to start at the beginning of 2025

03 June 2024

Secure digital health ID for 27 million AOK policyholders

The AOK community has commissioned T-Systems to provide and manage secure digital identities (GesundheitsID) for the 27 million AOK policyholders. In future, the GesundheitsID will be the key to all digital services offered by AOK - from the electronic patient file (ePA) to the e-prescription and the services of the online office “Meine AOK”.

Health ID meets strict security requirements of gematik

The health ID developed by T-Systems in collaboration with the ID wallet provider Verimi should be available in spring 2025. The contract between AOK and T-Systems has a term of four years and can optionally be extended by a further four years. The digital identities already available from AOK, which have been in use since January 2024 for logging in to the electronic patient file “AOK Mein Leben”, will be transferred to the comprehensive access service for all AOK digital services at the beginning of 2025.

“The technical solution from T-Systems guarantees a high level of protection and meets the strict security requirements of the gematik digital agency. This means that our policyholders can rest assured that their sensitive health and social data is protected in the best possible way against unauthorized access,” emphasizes Dr. Carola Reimann, Chairwoman of the Board of the AOK-Bundesverband. “On the other hand, accessing AOK’s digital services via smartphone will be much more convenient in future. All of the health insurer's digital applications can be used with a single key.”

Secure digital identities are the key to digital solutions in the healthcare sector. E-prescriptions and patient files are the first good examples. In the future, our digital identity will be available to 50 percent of all people with statutory health insurance through AOK and another health insurance company. The technology can also make citizen services, banking transactions and travel easier and more secure, for example. It confirms that someone really is the person they claim to be when they log in. Logging in without passwords – simple and secure.

Ferri Abolhassan, CEO of T-Systems and member of the Board of Management of Deutsche Telekom AG

Secure digital identities make digital social life easier

In future, secure digital identities should make many areas of digital social life easier and more secure at the same time – from online citizen services to electronic patient files and bank accounts. With the Digital Care and Nursing Modernization Act (DVPMG), the statutory health insurance funds have been obliged to introduce secure digital identities as a supplement to the previous identification using the electronic health card (eGK). This gives the eGK a “digital twin” on the smartphone, so to speak, which enables access to data and applications. Like the eGK, the health ID is also intended to serve as proof of insurance.

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