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The future with private cloud in healthcare

The private cloud, with its safety and exclusivity, is a perfect solution for healthcare firms

24 May 2024Shilpa Vyas

Cloud - a key catalyst for healthcare digitalization

A cloud platform offers great flexibility and reliability when it comes to data sharing, storage, and security. However, European healthcare organizations are still not leveraging the full potential of private cloud. As per an IDC Analyst Brief, more than 54% of healthcare organizations are yet to roll out mature cloud strategies.

By adopting cloud technology, healthcare organizations can fuel their digital transformation. Private cloud, which offers a good mix of flexibility, security, and customization, is the right choice for healthcare organizations.

Private cloud – gateway to healthcare transformation

Private cloud is increasingly seen as an important piece in the hybrid cloud architecture. Many healthcare organizations are leaning towards using private cloud environments and harnessing the benefits they offer.
Especially for healthcare environments, private cloud is a more suitable option because it offers greater control over data, better compliance, scalability, high performance, low latency—and overall flexibility that is crucial in the healthcare sector.

Given the balance it offers between customization and interoperability for migration and modernization in healthcare, private cloud makes digital transformation more seamless and smoother within the multi-cloud landscape.

A connected healthcare experience

For both providers and payers, the transformative potential of cloud solutions offers substantial business advantages, such as:

  • Value-based care, which focuses on the care quality and improves medical decisions
  • Enriched patient experience through responsive and agile interactions
  • Improved data security and reduced regulatory risks
  • Increased clinical efficiency by leveraging technology for manual tasks
  • Reduced costs of medical storage through cheaper alternatives
  • Preventive diagnosis by leveraging AI/ML
  • Increased data interoperability through the integration of various data sources

Initiatives like Germany's Hospital Future Act (KHZG), which has allocated €4.3 billion to modernize hospitals, are being implemented across Europe to enhance emergency readiness and supporting digital health, cybersecurity, and IT infrastructure modernization.

IDC Analyst Brief, sponsored by T-Systems, VMWare and NetApp, The Private Cloud–Driven Revolution: Empowering Healthcare Digital Platforms for Innovation, Efficiency, and Compliance at Scale

Capitalizing on AI in healthcare

There is a massive opportunity for digital transformation in healthcare using AI solutions.

Along with existing use cases such as electronic health records, medical imaging, health information systems, virtual care solutions, outcome-based payment models, telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, cloud also facilitates an increased AI adoption in healthcare. This includes innovative use cases across areas such as advanced analytics, virtual assistants, process optimization, and medical research.

AI-augmented medical innovation is hugely enabled by cloud technology. As more medical data becomes available on cloud, predictive insights can be generated to enable a more efficient and effective healthcare system.

Unique challenges need a specialized approach

Due to the inherent confidentiality of healthcare information, migrating healthcare data to the cloud presents a unique set of challenges that must be addressed to ensure a seamless transition. For example, healthcare players often face many security and privacy concerns while handling healthcare data. Private cloud, which offers a greater level of data security, is therefore the right fit for the healthcare industry.

Another challenge is the shortage of skilled talent that can deal with the intricacies of cloud adoption in healthcare. Therefore, finding the right partner that offers solutions aligned with business needs is often critical.

One needs a cohesive approach and a right partner with proven expertise and capabilities to ensure a smooth digital transformation on cloud in the healthcare sector.

Futureproofing healthcare on private cloud

What is the value proposition that private cloud offers, particularly for healthcare? What are the factors to consider while choosing a private cloud service? What are the future needs and current challenges in this sector? 

Many such questions need to be answered to arrive at the right choice of cloud technology, all of which require a deep-dive analysis and a strategic choice. 

T-Systems can support healthcare organizations in their digital transformation by leveraging private cloud. Take a step towards a futuristic healthcare experience.

You can also find detailed insights in our new IDC Analyst Brief that covers the subject in detail. 

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