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Digital infrastructure for rail and public transport

Experience the seamless digitalisation of infrastructure and vehicle operations with our comprehensive 360° solutions

Future mobility with digital efficiency

The future of mobility depends on efficient digital infrastructure. A robust digital transport system enables real-time data sharing and integrated transport modes for efficient travel. This reduces congestion, enhances safety and supports emerging tech like autonomous vehicles and smart cities. T-Systems drives innovation in digital public transport infrastructure through cutting-edge digitalisation and technology.

Enhancing railway infrastructure resilience

In today’s context, railway infrastructure plays a crucial role in ensuring efficient, reliable and sustainable transport. Explore how T-Systems can assist you in navigating the complex realm of public transport and digital infrastructure technology. We excel in providing comprehensive solutions like precise positioning of assets in depots or on track, and IT/OT security consulting to optimise infrastructure design and performance. Our services also cover platform management and operations, tailored to the unique needs of rail operators. Partner with us to embrace the latest innovations and elevate your public transport network to new heights of performance and security.

Intelligent train stations of the future

A digital train station gathers and analyses data in real time, enables dynamic passenger information, and steers processes in an intelligent manner.


IT solutions for rail and local public transport

Turnkey, integrated operation control systems or digital train stations – also from the cloud: we are happy to provide you with more information about IT solutions for rail and local public transport. Our experts can show you which IT solutions will help you master your challenges.

Intelligent transportation: smart stations and vehicles

T-Systems leads the way in smart station and smart vehicle solutions by harnessing the power of AI-based workload management, optimising operations for both stations and vehicles. Our cutting-edge AI-powered object and threat detection systems enhance safety and security. Furthermore, our proficiency in Vehicle-IoT ensures seamless integration of vehicles into the broader Internet of Things ecosystem, enabling data-driven insights and efficiencies for modern transport systems.

Connectivity: digital communication solutions

A leader in digital communication infrastructure, our specialised services span from deploying digital communication infrastructure to consulting on PMR (Professional Mobile Radio) and radio planning. We’re at the forefront of the 5G evolution, offering expertise in developing and establishing 5G campus networks. These networks are vital for delivering swift, low-latency connectivity to a wide range of businesses and organisations. Our comprehensive solutions in digital communication infrastructure highlight our dedication to enabling advanced, dependable and secure connectivity in today’s digital era.

Deutsche Bahn and T-Systems innovate real-time journey forecasts

Deutsche Bahn and T-Systems have revolutionised train travel with real-time information updates. Unlike the past, where identified delays were inflexibly propagated to all stations on a route, the “Prognoseautomat” Forecasting Machine now enables minute-by-minute dynamic adjustments based on actual influencing factors. Explore this innovative technology in action in our short video, showcasing how automated real-time forecasting enhances the entire train journey experience.

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