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Our Innovation Center offers customers plenty of space for creativity and new ideas – in person or virtually in the metaverse

We bring digital trends to life for everyone

Innovative companies are more successful. In particular, if they use digitalization to implement ideas. You are increasing your resilience and securing business success by quickly adapting business models and products to changes. Which innovations bring you the greatest benefit? Our Innovation Center gives you the answers to this. Here we offer plenty of freedom for creativity and bring trends to life in an inspirational atmosphere.

A short insight into the Innovation Center Munich

Innovation workshops: finding and leveraging potential

Innovation Center workshop room with colored chairs separated by a glass wall

Our interactive, personalized workshops are at the core of the Innovation Center. Trained presenters prepare the workshop together with you. Depending on the objective, you use methods from the areas of design thinking or co-creation. The workshops can take place in the Innovation Center in Munich or in the Virtual Innovation Center. The latter is the digital twin of the Munich lab where experts and customers come together in the metaverse under purely virtual conditions. This also makes hybrid events possible.

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Virtual cooperation in the metaverse

Virtual representation of the Innovation Center with multiple avatars

The experts from T-Systems and the customers take part as avatars in the virtual Innovation Center workshop. If the movements of the participants in the metaverse are a little clumsy to begin with, they soon pick up right after a short warm-up exercise. Then the work starts: product demos, presentations, workshops. Touch a drone here, start an IoT application there, all while conducting a short expert interview. Many people believe that the metaverse will become the future of our digital togetherness – in our case, augmented reality is already the starting point for exciting innovations.

Specific business cases arise in the metaverse

Virtual representation of a meeting room with several avatars

In the Innovation Center, we use the metaverse for collaboration and application cases to increase your value creation. This enables us to develop a smart health solution for the metaverse in a workshop: doctors from various specialties can discuss a patient’s operation virtually. The patient’s body floats as a hologram transparently in the center – all blood vessels, bones, and organs can be viewed and touched. A virtual tumor board gives doctors an insight into all medical data allowing them to find the best possible treatment.

Exciting examples for co-innovation

Many innovative applications originated in the Innovation Center and came into being there as a co-innovation between T-Systems and customers. The examples range from smart greenhouses to forward-looking maintenance for construction machinery. Further innovative use cases are:

  • 5G campus networks for production logistics
  • Industry security
  • Blockchain-based supply chains
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) for controlling business processes
  • Smart places and New Work
  • Augmented reality in service, production, and logistics
  • Virtual reality in the context of sustainability
  • Precise positioning as a foundation for autonomous driving

We allow you to touch innovations

Whether as an avatar in the metaverse, in person, or in hybrid form: our wide range of practical examples and showcases immediately bring innovation to life for you. In so doing, our experts give important inspiration and, together with you, determine which digital solution has the greatest benefit for your value creation. They accompany you on your digital journey no matter at which point you happen to be along the way: from advice and finding ideas to the development of prototypes and implementation, scaling, and operation.

Being creative all over the globe in Innovation Hubs

The Innovation Center in Munich has an attached data center and offers plenty of space for co-working in addition to demo cases and exhibits. With a focus on creative cooperation, we also implement your ideas in further innovation hubs in Bonn, Utrecht (Netherlands), and Barcelona (Spain). In addition, we also offer flexible showrooms in many other cities where small personalized formats are possible, such as pop-up showrooms for one day.

We look forward to seeing you!

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